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Compalint: Daja, borderline ERP and harassing an AFK char.

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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Player Byond Key: Daja Helman'bar (Sleepy Wolf)

Staff involved: I attempted to ahelp scopes to get their cKey, but he didn't answer.

Reason for complaint: Very creepy RP while I was AFK, 'attacking' an AFK character on ODIN. We were on ODIN and I parked Emily O'Harron in a bathroom stall so I could do a few things while the round was delayed, and when I came back, Daja had barged into the bathroom, used grab intent to pick her up by the neck, thats the 'attack' part, so they were on the same tile, and started whispering. I though I saved what was said, but I guess not. A few lines I remember were "Nice panties" "My ass and grass, and you get to mow it" "So, you like shitting in public to?"

Approximate Date/Time: 17APR2015, 8:20~ Eastern Time.

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Can confirm this occurred. Logs are as follows


[20:14:39]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : Nice panties

[20:14:50]ATTACK: Sleepy Wolf/(Daja Hakima'bar) grabbed the neck of Jboy2000000/Emily O'Harron)

[20:15:02]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : Hi

[20:15:06]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : How arrre you

[20:15:19]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : Do you like shitting in public too?

[20:15:23]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : Same

[20:15:35]WHISPER: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : So. You doin anything later?

[20:15:41]SAY: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : Wanna diddle with my fiddle?

[20:16:05]SAY: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : My ass is grass

[20:16:10]SAY: Daja Hakima'bar/Sleepy Wolf : You get to mow it

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I'm very sorry about this and know it was out of line. I used the grab to close the door and was just playing around, since I assumed the round was about to end. People always play around in RP at the end of round, and I know this was a bit much now. Sorry, JBoy. I won't do it to anyone again.

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Sleepywolf was talked to by Dea and was issued appropriate punishment for their actions by myself. They also, as you can see, wrote an apology.

In the future, be more mindful about your jokes, because there is such things as taking it too far.

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I'd like to interject here.

As a Tajaran whitelistee, SleepyWolf's behavior is highly impactful on the perception of Tajaran on server. It is my opinion as Tajaran loremaster that this sort of behavior is not what should be expected from someone with a whitelist, and I would appreciate Baka/Dea getting in touch with me while I consider another punitive course of action regarding whitelist status.

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