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Virus for the IPC's/AI's/Cybrogs


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Well, basicly Virus that based on organic hallucation virus that will cause sensors errors with hallucation and malfunctions. So the IPC will see something that is not happening.

List of Viruses:

  • 1 That will cause sensor malfunction causing hallucations.
  • 2 Virus that will cause them to make strange sounds(like humans giggles at the virus outbreak) IPC will beep or boop or make Loud Siren sounds
  • 3 Limb malfunction(like human black out) they will lost contact with limbs for a moment or two.
  • 4 Limbs-positrinic conntection malfunction(basicly like when organics are drunk)

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Also nopain.


You would have to put an IPC under -50% health damage in order to hardcrit them.

IPCs are unique in that they have very little in terms of physical weakness besides to EMP. Or if you shoot their hands/arms.

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Yes, but they still need to be affected by Ion Storm. Because it will be more interesting to have any malfunctions after that, so you need to visit robotist not only when some Vendomat throw fork at you.

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