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Tajara Feudal System

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Hey I have some questions about the Tajara feudal system. This is a long ass list so prepare yourself.

- Did they have an equivalent to Men at Arms?

- Was there a king or supreme house?

- Were there wars in-between houses?

- What kind of weapons did they use? What kind of metal? How rare was it?

- Did they have an equivalent to Horses?

- Did they have an equivalent to war hounds?

- Who was the most dominant house at the time of the rebellion?

- What kind of animals populated the lands?

- What was the level of diversity between different regions, like southern and northern lands?

- Where were Tajara mostly populated?

- Did they have any equivalent to doctors or herbalists?

- What was there level of technological advancement?

- Did they have an equivalent to knights?

- How advanced was their navy?

- What were major cities and locations at the time before the rebellion?

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