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Alrighty then.

What we have is visible and simple enough to see. I was oh so very lucky with finding a style that suits us wonderfully. I still run into issues, most usually group permission related or technicalities, that need to be fixed, but other than that, I'd say it's smooth sailing from here on out.

Now. What do you lot think we need, and what is borked that you can see?

Issue Tracker:

  • Logo isn't centred - it actually kind of sort of is, at least as far as HTML is concerned, but the image (or the actual visible part of the image) is jumped to the right a bit (and now you cannot unsee it), will be taking care of this relatively quickly
  • Done Spoilers tag - I have yet to find one which works like it used to. Most examples I've seen posted simply blank out what has been posted until you highlight it
  • Done Horizontal Ruler/HR tag - found one, parsing it in right after this post
  • Done Strikethrough tag - underused, but a personal favourite, will be looking to get one
  • Done Potentially looking into expanding the "last post by" syntax to include a thread name and have the name hyperlinked, should be simple HTML edits

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