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Localized gravity generators (mail-order)


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Okay, before we get started. Let's review at how the gravity code is made to function right now:

  • Every area ingame has a variable "has_gravity". If variable is 1, then the area has gravity (simple, no?)
  • The gravity generator onboard the station affects the entire 1st Z-level, and acts, as of now, as the sole thing in control of the has_gravity variable for the areas on Z-level 1
  • On every other Z-level, has_gravity is equal 1 to one by default


Now, the very crucial point here is point one. Gravity is area dependent, not tile dependent. Keep it in mind, and we'll swing around to how it'll affect things.

So, what am I proposing?

A localized gravity generator, that functions similarly to the shield generators. Basically: a 1x1 tile machine that can be wrenched down ontop a wire, turned on, and it'll start generating a localized gravity field. Initial thought is to have the radius of the gravity field generated be somehow tied to the amount of power you feed into the machine (probably something like range = power^2 or something, we'll see).

Why did I ask you to keep the dependency on areas in mind? Because it'd generate a few funky results. Basically: it wouldn't be a perfect circular radius, but it'd catch all of the areas in the radius. The biggest silly would be noticed with the central hallway ring. But, other than that, it should work.

Give it a snazzy nanoUI interface, and we should be good. Hopefully.


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How easy to sabotage are we planning to make these? I see a lot of delicious opportunities for antags to cause havoc using this system. How much power would they draw from an area? Will engineering start with a couple of these in storage? I think regardless, cargo should be able to order these generators.

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Cargo should be able to order,

RnD + engineering able to construct,

maybe give engineering one or half of one to start off with.

Also, for sabotage: literally, just find the "OFF" switch. As for power drain, the equation is something I'm stuck behind. I do not know what a reasonable amount of powerdrain per gravity is. BUT, it should be an exponential relationship, otherwise you could power the entire station with one. If we figure out the maximum radius you can reach with one, then we can work backwards and basically create an exponential equation to match.

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how would they work lorewise?

as it stands I (perhaps wrongly) assumed the gravity generator is powering the station's rotational thrusters to rotate at a rate capable of simulating gravity and when the generator fails there is an emergency shutdown.

I just find it weird from a physics standpoint that you can have gravity in one room and not another

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I'd personally assume that there's something under the flooring that, when energized, starts generating a gravity field. Since the energy projection from a smaller device is more localized, only certain areas would be affected.

Plus, as it stands, we don't exactly have a replacement for the master gravity generator. So lore or no lore, I think this would be a neat alternative.

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I want to make it workable like an emitter: that is, dependent on the output of the SMES, and not that of the APC. So in effect, yes, you could turn it into powersink, if you don't know how to manage it properly. Why do I want to do it like this? Because it's sort of like, auxiliary equipment. It can be installed when you lack proper power infrastructure, and still be used.

Also, to Kiwi. If you look at that graph, you'll see that anything beyond 25-ish tiles is super draining on the wires. So, while there technically won't be a limit, there is one realistically, as dictated by the obscene power requirement and drain.

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