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Kit's Supplies~

Guest Menown

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BYOND Key: Meowykins

Character name: Cassidy Kit

Item name: Black Binder, Fountain Pen, (Possible ID.)

Why is your character carrying said item to work? To assist with her secretarial work. Often, she runs out of space for her folders and papers, so, this would be a way to keep everything organized.

Item function(s):Binder - To hold papers/folders. Pen - to write on papers/folders. (I'd like the ID, to gain access to a place where I would be able to actually write forms, and perform paperwork duties with relative easy. The best place for that, is the bridge, as it has a request console, as well as a large surplus of all of the forms a crippled secretary could ask for.

Item description:Binder, "A nicely kept black binder with leather flaps running along the sides to keep it secure, as well as several sturdy clips at the back to hold folders." Pen, "A small fountain pen. It has several spots to change the cartridge inside for another color, as well as a selector switch for ease of use." (The ID would just be a normal preset ID.)

Item appearance: I have the icons for the binder and pen made. I'll send them to Skullicans if accepted.

Additional comments: Everything is coded and such. Sprited, coded, and ready to go. All I'd need is for them to be accepted.

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