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29SEP2014 - Rehearsed Engineering Catastrophy [Image heavy]


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On the 29th day of this glorious month, two engineers stationed on NSS Aurora, Jace Evans and Hugo Vanleer, assigned themselves the task of creating a quad-singularity containment setup. Following the initial setup, which took over an hour, the two engineers were ready for the boot sequence.

Here is the initial setup:




The boot sequence started off without a hitch:




Then. The starboard Particle Accelerator stalled in operation, the port one kept firing:




Following a hastily executed, and failed attempt at restoring the operation of the starboard Particle Accelerator, the field cracked, and the end result can be seen here:





Additional notes:

The words, "Quad singularity breach!" should never again be uttered by an engineer on NSS Aurora. Ever.

This is the public opinion of the event:



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