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Kit App, Pt Deux

Guest Menown

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Guest Menown

BYOND Key:Meowykins

Character name:Cassidy Kit

Item name:"Kit's Pussywagon", or "Kit's Hotrod" either or.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?It's actually carrying her. Important to her. Brother paid for it for her birthday.

Item function(s):Unique chair. To allow Kit a badass pimpin' ride.

Item description:"A wheelchair, that has large flames on the back of the seat, along with neon lights running in a circle on the largest wheels. It has two dice hanging from the handles, that combine to the number 13."

Item appearance:As described. I have the icons made for it. Just a black wheelchair, with flames on the back, fuzzy dice hanging from the handlebars, and neon lights on the wheels. Bitchin' as fuck.

Additional comments: Second app for Kit. I feel kinda bad, because two apps, but I had to do it. The idea was there, and Security's Cripply needs her wheels, brah. Likely, I could code an object to make it spawn upon a button press, as, having her spawn with it in her pack isn't an option. If accepted, I'll consult with Skull about it.

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God damn it, diffcult spot. Theoretically, you would have your own wheelchair, because you'd need it for more than simply moving around on CC/station.

But there's some voice that keeps going, "Nope" about it. Probably the way you've presented it. More specifically, the name (Calling an item, "Kit's pussywagon" is ridic, by the standards that I hold myself to). Oh, yup, it's the presentation. I'll talk to you about it once I get a chance over skype.

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Guest Menown
As far as I'm concerned, there's a point when custom items need to stop. One or two items is fine, menial little things, but a specially-customised wheelchair? It's descending into regions of snowflakey specialness. I'd be against this, personally.


It got reduced to just the flames on the back and black upholstery. Most disabled people have their own wheelchairs, so why shouldn't Kit?

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