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Swats43's item application


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BYOND Key: Swat43

Character name: Fortune Bloise

Item name: 1. Black Neon Welding Goggles. 2. Black Neon Gloves.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?To keep her hands protected from and eyes being hurt during her work process while working on Robotics. Welding especially, since there is allot of things needed to be welded and repaired, eyes should never get hurt in the process.

Item function(s):Black Neon Gloves. Functions like a normal Black glove. The only difference is, it allows the wearer to have more grip on the tools and doesn't make the hands to sweaty.

Black Neon Welding Goggles. Serves as a standart welding goggle. Except the window tint is made allot Cyan-ish.

Item description: 1st item. The Gloves looks rather to nice to be pulsing like that...Right?

2nd item. 'Born to be wild!' - Some guy from 21st century.

Item appearance: 1st item. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/0234/swo101tu2rkbkvufg.jpg

2nd item. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/81ff/r1np5f5o6nsp6k1fg.jpg


Additional comments: I like pie. :3

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Guest Menown

Neon as fuck.

Fortune is going full animoo, isn't she?

+1 because yes and such. I doubt she'd not be allowed to bring her own materials from home to work, moreso because they'd save NT money.

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Okaay, there's a magical line drawn somewhere in the sand. And actually, that's how it used to be. Right now, that line has a large fence built over it.

I'm going to move onto a "denied" stance on this. Here's why: the items you are applying for, I do not believe that you have roleplay in mind with them. Instead, you just want to make your character overly distinguishable and unique. Which, is not what custom items are for. This is further proven by the way you describe the items, basically, they'd be cool skins for things you already have access to. As such, I see no point in giving them to you, if the point of a custom item is to provide some new possibilities for the character to develop roleplay.

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