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Low intensity autotator


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So, normally traitors are high stakes; you've got maybe four or five of them, and they do big, dramatic things. Bomb threats, draining away all the station's power, kidnapping and murder, that sort of thing.

What I'm thinking of is something with, say, twice or thrice the spawnrate of regular autotraitor, and people who're chosen get the Clown's traditional licence to commit minor griff. No items or powers, no huge damage or deliberate murder, just... well, chucklefuckery.

Might be interesting. Dunno.

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If I'm not mistaken, you can still do minor crimes as a non-antag, such as traspassing, starting a fight, minor theft, even some higher tier stuff. It all depends on the circumstances to that LEAD to the event, as well as the intent. You cannot do it with an antagonist intent. Crowbaring sameone, stealing high end stuff and general griefy stuff, without reason, is the sphere of antags.

Example: You're a telescientist. You need a hand tele for easier testing. You ask Captain/RD for it. They refuse. You get a friend/engineer to help you hack into the teleporter. You take it and use it for science! Someone notices it is missing, make a panic. You say you 'borrowed' it, or they just find out it was your friend, then you. What you don't do after that is spark a fierce battle for the hand tele, a manhunt, or anything else generally chucklefucky with the hand tele.

Please, I consider these accaptable levels of bad behavior ingame. I would like the staff to correct me if I'm wrong so I don't spread misinformation.

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Minor crimes are often poorly realized. For the one person who puts on a good show, we usually get about 5-6 that do nothing but scream at security and constantly try to break out of cells.

I don't see this being very successful. The coolest antags are the ones that execute grand master plans anyway - having a gamemode whose sole purpose is to have disorganized individuals fill up permabrig (and that isn't rp-rev) seems more like an exercise in frustration than anything else.

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A lot of the things I see traitors do.... have no real objective to them. I've seen people bomb the station, with no real reason or they kidnap people, but never really have an end to why they're attempting to kidnap said person. Even other antags don't do anything... to benefit their characters at all, I mean you get a few but then you mainly get what Frances stated.

I feel the actual issue is the fact they are Objectiveless Antags, sure it gives them the freedom to decide what they will do but at the same time, they don't have an objective or end game to justify why they blew up custodial and beat a nurse halfway to death. They just end doing the same old gimmicks as the last tator and it's very lackluster for the victim.

If I were to make a recommendation or give some advice to whomever it may concern. If you get selected for traitor, do something that will actually involve some benefit to your character, not some suicidal urge to cause mayhem. It's not about winning, it's about creating an organic antag from your character, make them seem living and even make people question whether you truly are bad given whatever circumstances you're in. There's so much more you can do opposed from the usual tator cliches.

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