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Furrys Tajara App

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BYOND Key:xXTheFurryXx

Character Names: Travis Davis, Iqbal Sharanji-zix

How long have you been playing on Aurora:8 months+

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Grey-white

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

The most straightforward answer I can give on this is that I like the Tajara race. In my time Role playing, the characters I roleplay tend to be anthropomorphic in some way. More often than not I Role-play some kind of feline creature. Of all races available on this server I prefer Tajara role-play the most. Moreover the Tajara lore provides me a perfect setup for the next thing I wish to improve in role-play. Tajara cultural and political life seems to be quite a mess and it’s unclear how the Tajara will develop. This uncertainty is intriguing to me and I’m excited to play Tajaran characters that take stances in the future development of their people..

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: As I said I prefer Tajara Role-play the most. I look forward to role-play the way Tajara emotionally express themselves. Flicks of the ears and a tail twitch can express a wide variety of emotions. I look forward to the physical strengths and weaknesses, having to cut gloves or not being able to wear a suit because of its design. These differences creates a clear ‘Us and them but equal?’ picture. The cultural tensions (within the different Tajara classes and external races) provide ample variety and exploration of the Tajara people. With freedom being a decently new phenomenon for most Tajara that puts them in an ambiguous position. Tajara are a unique race because each individual in the race has the opportunity to ask themselves “what do you do with freedom”. This causes a wide variety of opinions and parties that an individual tajara can have and I’m looking forward to explore.


Character Name: Safiy Isra

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Safiy Isra was born on Adhomai in 2426. She’s a part of a middle-working class Clan with several siblings and cousins. Living in Nal’tor afforded Safiy with several luxuries her parents and grandparents never had; so her mother liked to remind her. Specifically formalized Education provided by the Company funded school system. Although her parents do not exactly support the idea of human involvement in their home world, they are grateful of the opportunity and future, Safiy and her siblings, has because of humans. Encouraged to explore education safiy attended school regularly with, according to her parents, mixed results. They were thrilled to see her coming home and explaining complex intricacies she had learned in school. They were less thrilled to see her come home and talk extensively of human culture and history.

Perhaps it was luck that she was signed up for Biology 101 and history of Earth before the 1700’s during the same semester. It was these two classes together that sparked her interest in her current field. She was studying ancient human tyrannies and began noticing several Tajara parallels. Most notably like the Hadii clan, there seemed to be a human tendency to keep the noble bloodlines pure with inbreeding. Aggression and tyrannical behavior of the individual offspring seemed to increase in every example of this tradition. In her biology class she learned that a limited gene pool with little genetic variety can make genetic diseases likely amongst offspring. This correlation sparked Safiy’s curiosity. She wondered if the inbreeding could have been a cause of the aggressive tyrannies both races experienced. As Safiy took more Biology and Genetics classes she started to concern herself with Tajara genealogy. She grew concerned with the Genetic future of the Tajara people. She wondered if the clan mentality and arranged marriages (though fading now) could cause limited Genetic variety within the tajara races. would this increase the likelihood of genetic disorders in future Tajara? Although this tendency is not as bad as the Hadii clan was, it surely could not be a good thing.

Safiy had her worries personally confirmed when she was seventeen. During a routine medical examine she learned that she is incapable of having children of her own. It’s always been rumored within the clan that one of her earlier family members having been a Njarir’Akhran afflicted with sterility. She was beginning to suspect the rumors were true, however with no record of her ancestors and an inability to do her own genetic mapping, she was stuck with her suspicions.

Following her interests and concerns Safiy enrolled in Adhomai’s School of Medicine to pursue a career of genetics. She seeks to map the Tajara genome to improve the health of her people. In college she was also free to express her support for human involvement in her people and her views on Tajara culture causing quite the dinner conversation at home. After attaining her degree she was employed with NT to continue her work with Tajara Genome and seeking cures in Genetic diseases.

What do you like about this character?

I decided every character I create is going to have a specific purpose that improves my role play ability. With Safiy I am focusing on character development. I do not have her views, values, beliefs of the world set. Surely she has leniencies and tendencies but where she is now it's very fluid. I want to explore developing a character over a long run with her. Things like “will she turn her views back towards her parents and dislike human involvement on Adhomai, or will she be glad for the education Humanity gave her and encourage more involvement”. There are several cultural divides that this character is standing between(clan structure, race structure, opinion of humans). I am looking forward to developing them thus developing my ability to develop characters over an extended period of time.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? average, I know what needs improvement and I consistently work on improving it.


I can’t express how much I am really looking forward to this character and further developing my ability to rp. I’ve realized the value of having more than one or two characters and look forward to being able to make a variety of characters.

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Despite most people thinking Travis is a completely terrible character, he's actually one of my favorites. He's played despite his flaws, and what others have said about him on the forums. While he has his problems, I think there are characters with far worse issues than that of Travis. Furry himself is also an excellent roleplayer, and the fact that he can play a character such as Travis, who is vastly different from his Skrell, is proof of that. Looking forward to your filthy catbeast, Furry.

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I'd love him to play Tajara just so he can get creepily hit on by a human until he feels uncomfortable. ;)

But no, really. Furry plays a pair of very distinct and interesting characters with both solid strengths and flaws. He definitely deserves the chance to be a fucking catbeast.

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Yes please! Travis is perhaps the best love-to-hate character on the server and that's a really great achievement. However, I have not played with your skrell character but, judging from the other posters and my own experience with Travis, I support it. I also need to teach more filthy cat beasts about the glory of the holy baton.

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