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Do custom items work on characters that change names?



As some people know all too well, I've recently been experimenting with a character that features name-changing quite a lot.

But, it also has something I'd like to make a custom item app about.

But I'm not sure, would it even work, since its name changes so often?

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The only other workarounds I can think of is making it available to everyone, or craftable.

Which wouldn't be too bad, as it's not anything particularly personal. It would just be strange to see humans walking around with it.

The item I'm thinking of is a sort of "Internal Storage" item, which would require like two seconds of effort were it not for the name problem. It'd be a normal backpack, normal backpack item sprite (In case it was removed by Sec. We'd just say they bagged up all the contents, or something.), but it wouldn't have a display sprite when worn.

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