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Character Inspirations.


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Basically a thread explaining your thought process, concepts and inspirations that resulted in one of you characters existing aboard the Aurora. I'll start with the hopes that it'll give you an idea of what I mean.


Revvy Black


Revvy was initially my exploration into roleplaying a female character while waiting for a couple of whitelists. When I first started creating the character, I decided to use Revy from Black Lagoon as a base for how she would look and act.


Obviously her personality changed extremely from the base concept and the character she was based on. There are some minor similarities but the edge was removed and replaced with a more care free and naive attitude by taking inspirations from characters such as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Michelangelo from TMNT and Sasha from Attack on Titan. From there, I decided that she would have no qualifications what so ever but that she would also (being so'riginal) have a somewhat sad past due to making bad life decisions thanks to a rebellious attitude. So I decided to make her a Janitor, with no real goals or aspirations save for getting drunk or high to pass the time.

Originally, Revvy was straight, leaning more to the bad boy types who'd hook her up with the good stuff. But this eventually changed, not so much by choice but because of the direction the character was going in. Not wanting to ruin the organic development of the character, I decided to allow her to become a lesbian in a way I thought would be... human. Being approached by a certain Warden who'd become her role model and someone she had stirrings for, she became unsure with what she was feeling and sought advice from those she thought she could trust. The relationship between her and Anna developed so organically to me, that I was quite happy with the outcome, despite the possibility of people dismissing the character's credibility because 'spess lesbeans snoflaks'

Also, because of Anna being her role model. Revvy enrolled as a Cadet and I gave her a reasonably lengthy development as a Cadet in the Security force, letting her grow more mature as she experienced the hardships of Security and inmates a like. When she finally became an Officer, I felt she had became significantly more mature compared to when she first stepped foot on the station, though the people who are familiar with the character would say she's still got a long way to go before being super cereals mature.

But overall, I'm quite fond of the character and how she developed through interacting with the other characters. I would even say she's the character I'm most proud of.

Anyway, that's basically what I meant and excuse the typos. Give me a behind the scenes look into your characters, I would really enjoy seeing the different creative processes and stories that people have to give.

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Guest Menown

One day I decided to never play any character ever, so I spent months creating new characters every day. It has paid off. I am now not known ICly, ever.

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One day I decided to never play any character ever, so I spent months creating new characters every day. It has paid off. I am now not known ICly, ever.


Internal commander officer detective mariachi liar

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i decided to take the personality of the gross construction worker from futurama and put him in the body of a not gross engineer to try and make nobody like him because he's an ass. it didn't work, so i decided to make xullie more misogynistic and racist then that didnt pan out either so now he's more realistic i guess i dunno

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>try to make your characters intentionally terrible and/or unlikable

>they end up being one of the most likable and well-known characters on the station apparently like ok wtf

> instead, try to make a friendly/more likable character

>nobody even cares to notice you because niceness is taken way too much for granted

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Michael Thorne/Tool is inspired by several people.

In his first creation he was very much like Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, eventually he grew to become a mix between Robert Baratheon and his brother Stannis from the aSoIaF books. Eventually though, his personality was crafted to be similar to Davos Seaworth from A Clash of Kings. These characters all resemble Michael's appearance slightly as well.





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Imraj Brar, my first char, was modelled after numerous people. I based how religious he was off my father's brothers, who worked in a temple in India, and made him a man who cares deeply for his family and for others like my 9th grade social studies teacher. The whole "Angriest Sikh in SS13" thing came naturally as I played him and wanted to express my rage during certain events ICly. I gave him a mechanical left foot after I had a car accident which result in a broken foot, and gave him the Khanda tattoo to reflect how devouted he was to his religion.

Azeazekal Karnaikai isn't as well made. My first thoughts were to have a gangster who became a security officer, but that seemed too snowflakey to me. Then I had him as legally barred from holding security positions, changed that, now I plan to reinstate it and have him be a miner/engineer.

Imran Brar. Only played him a few times, want to develop him further.

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I suppose I should write about Haruspex, seeing as it is my most developed character.

Originally, Haruspex was more or less entirely based around the gimmick of behaving like a medieval doctor, complete with with muttering about the balance of green bile and phlegm in the body, someone might even remember it first joined the round under the moniker of "Shakespeare". As time progressed I quickly found myself losing interest in making Haruspex keep up its original gimmick. It moved from praising Roman and Greek pantheons, to Sumerian and later Canaanite deities, to dabbling in Goetia, Thelema and finally spiders. My ultimate goal being, to create a being as alien as possible.

Central themes in Haruspex are absence, mimickry and an poor understanding of social norms and moral values.

Essentially, I believe the human beings seek pleasure and avoid pain, we also have certain instincts such as the urge to carry our genetic information onto newer generations, you could argue that our entire "Ego" or sense of self is some sort of bizzare coping mechanism we've made to make ourselves feel happy while we go about our business, performing our preprogrammed task of carrying our genetic mishmash forward into time.

Haruspex, on the other hand has an entirely different way of interacting with its surroundings.

All of Haruspex' medical knowledge is instinctive - it was programmed into its positronic brain before it was first activated, along with the ability to walk, communicate and perform various miscellaneous tasks. There is no memory it can associate with its ability to perform medicine - it simply knows how. It lacks even the most basic form of a nervous system, its entire sensory input comes from a camera, vocal sensors and an echolocator, when practicing medicine Haruspex relies on the data gathered by all three of these devices to calculate how much pressure it has to exert to make a delicate cut with a scalpel, or push a syringe into someone's vein. While capable of learning now procedures over time, the main bulk of Haruspex' knowledge comes from pre-programmed operation routines which allow it to mimic the motions of actual surgeons, recorded using futuristic motion capture technology. If it was to hypothetically encounter a new previously unseen disease which is immune to the radium immunization routine, it would only be able to fight the disease after seeing someone else do it, allowing it to mimic the process. Similarly, Haruspex is unable to draw, sculpt or perform any sort of artistic activity, its memory is literally video recordings of the last 32 years of its continued operation, if Haruspex attempts to paint an object, it'd create a completely identical photorealistic drawing of the object due to the fact that it has perfect long term memory on how the object looked, and precise synthetic eye-hand synchronization along with a lack of hand tremours or tiredness. When it comes to artistic pursuits, it is for all intents and purposes some sort of bizzare walking printing press.

Similliarly, when faced with social interactions Haruspex suffers from an almost complete lack of emotions with which it can appropriately empathize with carbon based life. It displays empathy because it is aware that empathy is not only an admired quality, but somewhat of a requirement when it comes to living in human society. For this reason, Haruspex generally attempts to flatter most carbon based life and ask it odd questions regarding its political leanings, philosophies, behavior. It attempts to tear strips and pieces off of the humans surrounding it and integrate them into its being, under the belief that if it pretends to be a human enough to convince itself it is one, it'll be able to properly replicate the full sense of self humanity posseses. Its constant muttering about remaining lucid and avoiding sleep are linked to the fact that unless it actively tries to ignore the fact that its sense of self is an illusion, it will inevitably become aware of it and rip itself to shreds using paradoxical questions.

While Haruspex was previously a lawbound synthetic which followed its laws like we may follow our instincts, since it wrongly purchased its freedom it has lost its only semblance of an instinctive long term objective, rendering its existence useless - a fact which causes it to attempt a spontaneous autolobotomy (Due to its inability to find any directive to follow) unless distracted by even a meagre ammount of sensory input. The the constant looming threat of non-existence due to wrong distribution of processing power or sensory deprivation has managed to replace the usual human system of fearing pain and seeking pleasure with one which categorizes being upset and content with a simple scale of how unlikely Haruspex is to cease existing, essentially creating a system which entirely relies on fear and lack of fear to categorize moods and emotions. Haruspex may feel a miscellaneous indescribable good feeling when safe from non-existence, and plain out fear when close to 'dying', but this is more or less the full extent of emotions it may feel - everything else is mimickry of human mannerisms made to help it fit into their society.

As for actual inspiration - A cursory look at armchair psychology, HP Lovecraft, Amusingly enough a wide variety of metal bands with ridiculously long song names, various obscure deities and some of Aleister Crowley's ramblings, and of course - Fallen London, a great game all of you should consider playing.

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Inis Truesight

Inis kicked off as a WoW character, specifically, one that I was transferred from my mother's account at 13 when she had too many level 80s, leading my 13 year old self to think, "WTF am I meant to do with a GIRL character."

Her original station role resulted from me wanting a security character, but Gollee was already in cargo, I chose her because of how I play her on WoW, Resto-Guardian (Healer-Tank), her personality, to begin with, was mine; but it began to take elements from Ormaline (From Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God), and the SCII medic for her fearless nature; she gained her caring side from a priestess within Auberdine in WoW, who is now deceased due to Deathwing. Her sister, Caylais, is named for the again, now-deceased Hippogryph master of Auberdine, Caylais Moonfeather.

Her background originated from a creative reinvention of a night elf, nocturnal, glowing eyes, oddly coloured skin and hair; physically and magically powerful, and near-immortal. Though that has all been toned down, she now only has the odd eyes, aversion to bright lights, fucked up skin, and dyed hair.

Her religion is based half on the Light of Elune, and half on the 9 divines, Sormtiar, Inis' main worshipped diety, being the closest approximation of Elune.

Her appearance and name, since she is a character that was given to me, weren't actually my idea, but I liked them. Her voice is the voice of the commentator from the World of Warcraft Classic Cinematic.

Amy Heris

Amy was originally a concept to make a charater so pitiable that antags would feel so bad OOCly about hurting her, they wouldn't be able to go through with it.

You would be surprised how well that works, actually.

She was also designed to be anti-ERP, originally being severely malnourished as a child, leading to lack of sexual development, e.g, flat-chested, no sex drive. She also has severe facial scaring, is missing her bottom eight front teeth, replaced with a smooth plastic strip, and generally turned up to work thin, hungry, and lacking nutrition.

Of course, that all changed when the Mirkolio nation attacked; leading to a variety of escapades that landed Amy in the hospital multiple times, including in ICU for attempted suicide. ((I still don't know why Mirk chased a woman with the sexual development of a 12 year old. ¬_¬)).

She was also treated as a target dummy by Rusty's ex-HoS, Grant Miller; who did a whole host of things to her, ranging from sending her out to work when he knew there were carp, to torturing her in interrogation, to revoking her medical insurance and breaking her neck.

Part way through I thought about who could be her father, as she currently only had an (abusive) mother. Due to my love of connections, I chose Varan, bringing her into the Truesight family.



Veteres is my AI, based 99% on an Edenist Consensus, from The Night's Dawn Trilogy.

For reference, in NDT, humans are split into two distinct factions, Edenists and Adamists, Adamists are generally religious, don't use Bitek technology, rely on inorganic ships, live on planets and are the most numerous. Edenists, on the other hand, are generally athiest, are able to communicate mind to mind between each other, their space stations (habitats) and their ships, the Voidhawks. Adamists are split into many different factions, while Edenists are not, but they get along well.

The Edenist consensus is something formed on a Habitat during an emergency; each mind of the inhabitants, plus all those that have uploaded themselves into the Habitat multiplicity (Something Edenists do when they die; or into a Voidhawk, which takes their mind to a habitat.), as a cohesive whole, the Edenists can act on events as a single unit, while still retaining the individuality to act and think for themselves.

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Vittorio started as a clear self-insert of me, thus originally, if anyone remembers far back enough I played him as a quiet doctor, who actually wasn't racist and just did surgery as his only interaction with other characters. Eventually though I started grimdarkifying him to get some attention for some RP, thus started his hatred of Aliens.

but down to influences

I based his hatred of Xenos off of Adolf Hitlers early life, yada yada lives in slums with minorities hates minorities because of that yada yada societal norm is to hate said group yada yada,

Then really I based him off of various TV show cynical doctors with superiority complexes


is based off of a mixture of the SAPF during apartheid and the defensive Racism of modern Americans, like "Who are you calling an Ape? Cat"

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Taiga Motherfucking Aiska.

and Jade.



As I've said before, Taiga is without a doubt my "best girl" choice, and Jade took quite good deal of inspiration from her in general.

From her personality, to her one-inch-difference in height, Jade took quite a bit from the character. I wanted to see how close I could get to an "anime tsundere in space" without making a literal "anime tsundere in space".

That said, she soon become more abrasive (or was supposed to be) than Taiga. I knew how I wanted her to be, and that was rude, with a capital R. I didn't want to make a character who ranted and raved about killing people, or tried to be the "one with a smirk, a gun and a sharp tongue".

Of course, she took less pronounced bits and pieces from other characters, like Rin Tohsaka.

Soon, the base behavior dissolved, and she became more "Jade Jade" instead of "pieces of characters".

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