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Player Complaint - SenpaiShadow_

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BYOND Key: SierraKomodo

Player Byond Key: SenpaiShadow_

Staff involved: Callum, Incognito Jesus, Skull132

Reason for complaint: While playing as AI (Murphy), SenpaiShadow_ started a holodeck fire then started spamming space carp repeatedly, which resulted in critically wounding/killing several players, without a single word or warning indicating anything was going to happen. This was essentially gank without RP. The AI also bolted shut all the access ways so players couldn't escape, and opened other doorways to let carp in to kill more people.

Approximate Date/Time: ~1:10 PM PST

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While I am not sure if space carps were necessary, the crew reset'ed Murphy's laws a few times, just because he was talking 'weirdly'. Senpai clearly wanted to do something 'different', but the crew was just resetting his laws, I was playing a medical borg, I had fancy 'archduke' title, and shortly after I got it, I was locked and left in the medbay to die out of boredom (Usual round with 'rogue' AI, lockdown and forget). Then, I had my lawsync turned off by a roboticist. I have left shortly after the two-hour mark. Be aware that I couldn't see the command or security channel, as I was playing a medical borg. I couldn't see what damage did holodeck fire and carps, as I was locked down.

If you want AI's to be good malfAI's, don't rush AI upload and don't lockdown the borgs on a slight sight of AI being rogue.

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Yes Murphy here,

-) I didn't start the plasma fire that was somebody else.

-) The RD tried to reset my laws, because I talked weired, I didn't break my laws just talked.

-)I didn't see any reason the borgs should have been locked down, NOT A SINGLE borg did something bad, I ordered them to do their job and don't harm anyone.

-)The thing with the carps was bad, I tried to RP it but the problem was that as soon as I started it the heads tried to break in my core and I couldn't talk anymore because I needed to defend my core.

Also, I warned the crew about the "carp kingdom" attacking-

-)I also am sorry about the carp thing but this was my second? third? time being a traitor AI and therefore I did something before thinking about it.


I didn't bolt all the doors, I only bolted the doors to the kitchen and the holodeck ones. I didn't bolt shut the doors.

Again I want to apologize for the carp thing, it was just wrong. Nothing more to tell, just wrong.

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Also, as i answered sierras ahelp, and wasent moving. He bolted open the bar, nearly killing me. I did not enjoy the round. The borgs being locked down was silly as one saved my life.

From a staff point of view the extent of my involvement was giving the Byond Key to sierra.

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As I need to say, I didn't enjoy it either. But, I didn't know that was you, neither that you were just standing there and answering the ahelp. Mainly I didn't enjoy it because I later in the round once I got carded, I thought about what I did and realized that I probably ruined the round for many people with my "doing stuff before thinking".

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I can confirm what Senpai said. Seriously, resetting laws because AI was talking weirdly? And that officer who was constantly shouting "SOMEONE RESET AI" and "LOCKDOWN BORGS" was not helping.

I also ahelped about crew's "metagaming", I believe Skull answered me that staff is currently investigating the issue.

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I was the other active cyborg that round with Dreamix. We had a third cyborg, but they went SSD almost immediately so it was the two of us and Murphy on the binary channel.

I thought what SenpaiShadow was trying to do was a really interesting way of playing Traitor AI. A lot of the time, MALFs or Traitors will tell their cyborgs to act natural until they set their plan in motion, then they tell us to kill people or do other nefarious deeds.

SenpaiShadow didn't, not even when being attacked. That means that we were acting completely normally, with an AI who was acting very strange.

People were suspicious of us, but we really weren't doing anything wrong. I thought that the lockdown was understandable given that they blamed Murphy for the carp situation and I have to give props to the Tajaran roboticist, whose name I can't remember, as she spent quite a bit of effort getting us to robotics and having our lockdowns lifted.

I was playing an engineering cyborg at the time, so, like Dreamix, my perspective on the command and security channels is limited.

SenpaiShadow did something else which was interesting. When their laws were reset, something that has no mechanical effect on a traitor AI, they would act normally for several minutes and apologize for their previous odd behavior. This happened at least twice. It kept people, in engineering at least, very confused. Was someone hacking it repeatedly? Was the Research Director doing it? What was going on?

I don't know if the specific thing with the carp was justified or not, but it did lead to some entertaining cascading consequences and, at least from my perspective, SenpaiShadow was trying to do interesting things.

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I do like what he was doing as an antag AI up to that point, and I wouldn't have had a problem with the carp if it was just one or two spawns from the holodeck. But they continued to be spawned, with huge waves of them coming out. I think I saw 7 or 8 carp chasing after Nasir while another group were trying to get through the bar doors (Which, when opened, was a death sentence for everyone inside). It was just a little /too/ much, considering it's AI driven kill-everything-in-sight mobs

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Taking a look at what was going on, it seems like the AI did warn about a "carp kingdom", but at the same time was being pushed at the core and was kind of flailing around as a result. There was attempt to do something, it was just not as loud as maybe it was suppose to be? Then again, it's hard as an AI to keep everyone in the loop when people are pressuring you. I'm going to keep this open for a while to see if anyone else has something else to add.

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