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Heyo, I'd just like to say hi.

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So, heyo. I'm newish here, and I'm wondering if you've seen my characters. They're listed in my description, but I'll list them out here, again:

Diana Underwood


Jane Havenfell

Anyhow, so here I am. Trying to roleplay in a large community. This isn't going to go well... Anyhow, if you've seen me, am I a good roleplayer yet? If not, do you have any suggestions on how I should improve.

Otherwise, hi. Have an avian I drew for Starbound as a welcome gift. ARIES, COME OUT HERE AND BE NICE TO OUR GUESTS.




"... No."

Heh. Such a grouchy old religious guard-bird-man Aries is. Anyways, nice meeting ya'll! I guess..
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Saw you in the TS3 today, though I don't frequent it as much anymore. Thought you were pretty chill. I would like to welcome you and say hello, though!

Even though you hotmic'd for like, a whole minute.

Welcome, at any rate!

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Even though you hotmic'd for like, a whole minute.


You need to yell at me to mute my mic if that happens. Because, like, push to talk screws with my computer due to my soundboard( which I'm not going to use, it's mostly used for countering a certain little troll on another Teamspeak ), so I have a headset I can mute with the push of a button. c:

But, thank you, and hello!

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Florans > Avians. Please.

( Welcome. =3 )


Floran huntressss agreesss. Worldwide-Explorer ssaysss sshould vissit Haventon Gamesss ssssometime. Yess, will be fun.. bring prey-- Floran m-meansss family! Little onesss, mossstly. They can asssisssst in target practice....

I think I practiced my Floran a bit too much. Anyway, thank ya'll for the welcomes!

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