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Aite, well, I'm doing character designs for flavourtexts and such.

Here's some examples of my work:





I can do 3D (like the first one) and 2D. You must provide a detailed flavourtext, or preferably a referential picture. I can't quite do Unathi or Tajaran yet, but I can definitely try. IPCs are possible. Diona... might need some reference.

I have three slots available:

1st slot:

2nd slot:

3rd slot:

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Qwerty: IPC.

It is a short IPC unit, painted blue. It's new and pristine with a glossy finish. The unit only stands about 5 feet tall and makes use of hydraulic wrists and ankles to get extensions that can give it up to a foot in additional reach if needed. It's monitor constantly displays a game of breakout or brick attack. (Typically a hat of some sort is worn, either a blue cap, or department cap, though on occasion he wears a bandana)

The habit of wearing a hat constantly covers the upper portions of the game on it's monitor and created a shifty eyed look with the paddle moving back and forth. The bottom right corner of the monitor has an embossed "QWERTY" in bold lettering. It is followed by a number to designate the chassis version (currently 1.3).( It typically works in cargo or robotics, wearing the attire of that department.)

It's hands work much like regular human hands save for only containing four fingers, a thumb and three grasping digits.

Outside of the hands, wrists, and ankles, the only other extra feature it has is a small slot that extends a "straw". This "straw" slots perfectly into a can without making a mess and leads to internal components designed to hold liquid for later disposal.

Is this enough, I've not officially written his flavor text yet so I did this on the fly. If not let me know. I'd love to see Qwerty immortalized in artwork. Also, I'm not assuming I'll even be one of the ones you can do for free. If you don't pick me, I won't be able to pay for a commission.

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Luna Tsuki: Depressed janitor, not sure where to go in life.


Eyes are blue.

Somewhat tall\

Her facial structure would be, forehead covered by hair, eyes somewhat close together, nose is small, and somewhat low on the face, somewhat bony cheeks, and her jaw is rounded.

Her hair goes under the shouldiers, but is somewhat thin, it is black with traces of purple, as if it was dyed somewhat long ago.

In the drawing, if her face is viewed, make it with a sullen look.

Her clothing would be black trousers, and a white, long sleeved shirt.

She is sitting down somewhere, you can choose where, or leaning against a wall.

She is looking at a purple coin, seemingly lost in thought.

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Name: Robert Dalton

Caucasian Human

One eye is blue, the other is mechanical grey.

Robert is tall, and built like a boxer. Starting from the top, Robert's hair is shaggy, and messy. It is usually slicked back, and pushed out of his face, but if it wasn't, it would reach his eyebrows. His face is old and grizzled. He has a robotic eye, but usually wears secHUDS to cover them up. His beard is bushy, but not very big. It covers his chin, which would be very strong and set. He has wide shoulders, and his right arm is cybernetic.

He usually wears a black leather jacket, and holds his trademark weapon, an energy pistol.

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Name: Ryu'daken Mo'taki

Species: Tajara

Flavour Text:A Tajaran stands before you at a well-built height of 6'6''. His fur is the white of Adhomai snow, with an imposing ruff of grey fur over his head and neck. The tip of his powerful (but undoubtedly fluffy) tail is also grey. Scars litter his forearms, and the tip of his left ear is gone entirely, suggesting he engages in conflict regularly. He has what humans call 'resting bitch face', with focused eyes of pale blue.

Other stuff: He's got a thing/muscular build not like mike chang,


Sort of like this, except covered in a whole wack'o'fur.

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