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Allow us to crawl. Simple as that, if you are resting, or maybe even stunned, allow you to crawl.

Perhaps when you click the floor, you move to that spot?

If you are injured, it can be treated like pulling, in the way that you would get more injured.

This would be specialy nice when you are pain crit, dragging yourself to medbay.

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This isn't lifeweb you smerd :^)

On one hand, it'd be a nice addition if you had no legs. On the other hand, people using it to crawl away during situations that they shouldn't be getting out of, officer utilising it to not get hit by gunfire, etc.


Note: human-type mobs that are floored (or resting) suffer from 100% hitratio from ranged weaponry. Simply click on their sprite and gun them down whilst they're on the floor from far away.

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[...]officer utilising it to not get hit by gunfire, etc.


I'm sorry, but is this a problem?

Attached: the most (literally)painfully slow form of movement the military supports, also incredibly effective at what it was designed for--not dying.

This post gave me NIC PTSD flashbacks, I hope you're happy

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Just make it so that you can't have a weapon equipped if you're crawling. That seems pretty reasonable to me. I don't see how you would anyway. Being able to crawl when you're badly messed up seems like it could do more good than harm in most situations, at least from an RP standpoint.

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