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Centurion's Corporate Security Cap

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BYOND Key: CakeIsOssim

Character name: Centurion

Item name: Corporate Security Hat

Why is your character carrying said item to work? When the Aurora's security was still red, Centurion would wear the corporate security hat all the time. When Aurora's security went blue, Centurion kept his old hat that he would wear all the time, and continues to wear it to pay homage to the old red security.

Item function(s): It's just the old corporate security hat. I don't know if it actually provided any armor (I don't think it did.) Doesn't really serve a purpose other than aesthetics.

Item description: A black corporate security cap. The badge on the front reads, "NSS Aurora Security"

Item appearance: No changes in the item's appearance. Just the same 'ol black security cap.

Additional comments: I wouldn't really consider this a 'custom' item, considering it is still in the code somewhere (I think.) The only thing I'd really like customized about it is the description of the hat, if possible.

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