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Repeat Offenders

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You know the people, they are in and out of the brig every single shift for petty crimes, sometimes being arrested 3-5 times in one shift for the same crime and never seem to learn. I was wondering with these people if after they commit a certain amount of offences they will get perma-brigged for the rest of the round (like some kind of 3 strike rule) or face far longer sentences or additional penalties. I wonder how many times Cals has been arrested for indecent exposure.

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If a character keeps doing stupid shit constantly,. and keeps getting caught. Then the Captain or HoS can get very creative with punishment, in my personal opinion. Demotions, injunctions, silly tasks and so forth. Not exactly worth a permanent brigging if it's something non-harmful, though.

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To my knowledge, repeat offenders can get double time if they do the same crime a second time around.

I do remember one HoS taking a prisoner for a game at the holodeck, and 'beating him up' for whatever he did. That's one option.

That's for people who do the same thing twice in one round. What about the guy who is constantly in the brig for petty crimes every round, and usually allcapses over the radio to lynch security whenever he gets arrested? And yes, I have seen the same person do these things every single round. Would it be overkill to file a player complaint next time I see them do it?

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