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Joey Mortadeliano: King of the Ring.

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In an extended round on Sunday, July 18th, Joey Mortadeliano arrived on the station to see one purpose: beat every possible challenger in the ring.

The crew decided to begin playing piano to lag out Hive so that he couldn't fight as well. It was futile against Joey's flaming fists.

He has since been challenged by 18 opponents:

Sslazhir Yinzr - Alberyk.

Azeazekal Karnaikai - Canon35.

Jade Rathel - VoltageHero.

Safiya Isra - XXTheFurryXx.

Juan Signato - Outboardniform.

Vistha-Kai Galssius - Kingmatt9.

Floyd Pointdexter - Unknown.

Alexander Sheppard - Lord Lag.

Darko Teodor - Cobracoco007.

Flint Mahnke - BeeGee0904.

Will Nexus - Gigaman18.

Akaik Siegrist - Ryan Falco.

Malik Woodward - Spacevoidagent

Teah Tarena - DreathLord

Joey's Father - Unknown

Jamison Stamos - Mirkoloio

Jester Stamos - XanderDox

Terrell Lacon - Schubie

Each of them was felled by Joey's insane boxing skills.

Joey Mortadeliano is king of the fucking ring, and none can oppose him.

End of story.

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i never like boxing because of how rng the whole fighting is.

especially if the opponent uses disarm intent


If you're boxing with boxing gloves on, intent doesn't matter, it all counts as hits.

And in the ring, if an opponent gets weakened, you wait for them to get up before continuing.

So it's pretty much down to hits and misses, really.

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