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Should He Be a Xenophobe?. A guide on xenophobia and YOU

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Wow what is this incredibly well made guide about

its very self-explanatory. their will be a big list of things if you say yes to any of them add a point.

stuff in bold means if you say yes you should hate Tajara

Stuff in lilac means Unathi's sux

Underlined stuff means Skrellz droolz humenz ruelz

bold and iliac means you hate dionas

things that are not bold/iliac/underlined means you should add a tick to ALL THREE of them. but first off.


Get set.


Question 1. Was your character born in a mostly human controlled enviroment?

Question 2. Did he fight in the first contact war?

Question 3. Is he religious?

Question 4. was he born before said alien races were found?. (for each race he was born before they were found. add a point for them)

Question 5. Does he have a big hatred of cats. Mice. bigger cats. or anything furry?

Question 6. was his boss a angry unathi/tajara/skrell/diona? (for which species you checked. add a point for them)

Question 7. Was his friends. Parents. ANYONE ever harmed by a gang of Unathi/Tajara/Skrell/Diona? (same with the top.)

Question 8. was he born in a poor place? if so this would probably make him jealous towards the skrell

Question 9. did a Diona bite him?

Question 10. Is any of his (ALIEN) co workers a jerk towards him?

if you said yes to any of these you should be a xenophobe. UNLESS


1 Does he have a pet Lizard/Cat/Frog/Tree?

2 was he born in a time were all the alien races were found?

3 was he born in a mostly alien controlled enviroment? if so you should probably be reverse racist towards yourself

4 Was his dad/mother/friend/actually nice boss. a alien?

if you said yes to any of these take a point away..

So. have you gotten all your points. congrats anyways because your probably a xenophobe. :twisted:

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You know, this is something I've had a problem with lately and quite frankly, it's kinda iffy to be experiencing in a roleplay setting.

What lore we possess at the moment doesn't paint any of the races as malign for all intents and purposes.

I mean, how does one discriminate against the Tajaran if they have nothing inherently bad going for them? Ultimately in the lore, they're Messa's gift to the galaxy and they can do no wrong as a race. There wouldn't be any rational reason to be upset at the race except ideologically. Which, is. Not rational.

We do, however, have a reason to hate the Unathi. The race is infamous for their active terrorists, slavers and pirates screwing about in known and unknown space, generally making those who are attempting to make a good living, experience a living hell. Plus, the Unathi have a penchant for warring with each other, there and back, and are rather liberal with their use of ICBMs and other conventional, highly-destructive weaponry.

Skrell? Well, they're the equivalent of space elves. And who the hell would ever hate the elves? They're so cool and are ages ahead of humanity, and they have aligned interests and ideologies. There's no reason to hate a Skrell. Unless you're an orc or a goblin.

Anyway. The thing I'm seeing the most is how most humans are so open to being egalitarian as possible, which is honestly not fun and it makes the environment feel like a hugbox where making an off-handed comment about a Tajaran using a pile of newspaper as restroom facilities will end in you being hopelessly ignored in a maintenance tunnel after being slashed to crit.

To reiterate, tl;dr, It's just about immersion-breaking when we put the (literal) pussy on the pedestal and curbstomp any means of IC speciesm.

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Seeing how the Unathi are seen as scum of the universe and are still hired by NT why are Vox not?


Partly because Vox are raiders at heart, and in order to deter MEATGAME, we apparently have to condense our knowledge about them.

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I think the guide is a good one. It allows for people to make decisions based on individuals like we do in real life. We look badly on this race or the other for various things ranging from, "OMG they are violent," to, "They took our jobs!" I mean come on, did that cop shoot that heavily armed and aggressive Unathi? He's clearly an Unathi hater, and everyone who claims he was just doing his job should be purged and their entire history erased.

Just my thoughts.

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What 1138 said. There aren't many reasons to dislike the Tajaran aside from the obvious (i.e being dirty catbeasts). If they were known for.. I dunno, organized crime, smuggling, something, then people would have more of a reason to dislike them.


Seeing how the Unathi are seen as scum of the universe and are still hired by NT why are Vox not?

Because the Unathi actually communicate with the other races on a major scale. The reason Vox aren't hired by NT is because vox really don't do anything other than raiding/occasionally being shifty merchants that leave before too long. That's their culture. It's literally what vox do until they die.

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