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Remove pain messages on poisoning?


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Simple idea. You can't poison anyone because they instaaaantly know they're dying. So. Idea. We remove pain from the poison equation.

Being poisoned is painless and you don't notice it. Until you start puking.

and then you die

or get medical aid in time or whatever. okay.

This would be an easy change. Could do it in like five minutes, and three of those five are finding the code. Would like to hear thoughts though.

Could also do it so toxins have an analgesic effect, so there's a delay in how long it takes for you to notice you're dying of terrible.

I don't want to state the 'not all toxins' obvious but I probably have to. yes.

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One thing that could be done, although it'd take more effort, would be to reduce/remove pain from toxin damage until a point, and, to compensate for actually painful reagents, give them a specific piece of code which has them increase halloss or something (a bit like the way mutagen does, but less extreme). Would that make sense?

I'm perfectly fine with removing pain from toxin damage until a certain threshold, but that's an extra suggestion.

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Yup. Ffrances-- That functionality already exists with Synaptizine, a slow and weak toxic that happens to last a really long time. You can't tell you're poisoned until you've taken a sizeable chunk of tox. It, ah, acts as a painkiller. This's what removes pain until-a-point. Once your poison levels break the threshold, then you start realizing you've been poisoned.

Current ideas: Add painkilling effects to alcohol, some poisons. Alcohol can then be used to stave off shock for lightly wounded people, and so can poison! But if you're in paincrit range, using it to stave off paincrit is, um. Really dumb. You're going to die. So I don't see that being a problem. Alcohol is used as a painkiller in real life, I think. I mean, we have the fancy chemname for tylenol or something and that's basically just alcohol plus some other stuff.

Other idea: Painkillers should reduce halloss. You'll have trouble tasing down someone on Tramadol and tasing someone on oxycodone will be an extremely difficult task requiring probably multiple people. Or a stun baton. But most likely lasers. Thoughts on that?

also, chloral is getting nerfed so it doesn't stun you forever and only stuns for as long as it's in your system. just saying.

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Just a note. Ethyl alcohol is also a blood thinner, so if you get some into your bloodstream while in a critical state, when you're usually bleeding heavily, you're going to die even faster. Tylenol is basically just diluted paracetamol; it's Robitussin that's made with alcohol. And being hopped up on painkillers won't really help you if you get tazed, as the incapacitating power of a taser is not dependent on the pain it causes, but rather by the fact that it overloads your nervous system; the pain is a side effect of that.

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I was thinking of stuff like people on PCP getting tased and being okay with it. This is, naturally, more from a gameplay standpoint than a sciencey standpoint. I like counters to things. And I can already make myself taserimmune without having to resort to balancing chems. Halloss is pain damage. Painkillers 'reduce pain' but not really. I'd like them to reduce pain is all. Need to muck around a bit with the values.

Think I'm going to nix the toxin anaesthetic and just have alcohol reduce pain. So if you poison someone and they drank during that, it'll take until they hit 40 toxloss before they get a prompt.

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