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Castigat ridendo mores - Community Review Time!

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Once again, our wonderfully welcoming community stands at yet another fork in the road. Particularly, in the past few days, we've managed to accomplish so much from understanding one another, that we've gone so far to desire the other party to be outright banned because of disagreements and less-than-favorable conduct.

Let us review, fellow Aurorans, shall we?.




Firstly, one of the more recent forum threads opened by an illustrious community member against another, denouncing their actions in full view of the community at large. Evidently, the issue was that an antagonistic character had dared to be antagonistic and press forward with killing another antagonist character, and this frustrated the community member. For reasons unknown, pretext and context are all but missing. It would appear the prosecuting party, despite not understanding the context of what had occurred, is requesting they be banned for intents and purposes not yet known.

Secondly. One of the first forum discussions and ban requests that were opened in the past few days. Specifically, it entails the behavior and conduct of another fellow community member for engaging in arguably immature and otherwise distasteful in-character interaction, though as to what the provocation for this was, is still unknown. Yet, it still seems rather prudent for another individual to request that another individual be indefinitely barred from the community, because of argumentative disagreements and brash opposition of one personality towards another.

Lastly, we come to the thread regarding an instance in which a member of the community asks for action to be taken upon another member of the community who decided it to be mildly amusing to roll around in ignited flamer fuel and musing themselves as the Human Torch, regardless of the roleplay setting or present medium. Said welder fuel bathing advocate stated it was within their right to bathe in holy flame, said flame not quite righteous enough to do any real character bodily harm, and that it was funny and amusing enough to the point that it wouldn't matter. Overtly insane or cartoonish behavior is acceptable if you're the one having fun here and no 'harm' is done, regardless of whether or not you're required to roleplay in a sane manner. To them, it doesn't matter, so why should it matter to you? Who cares about precedents, after all? If 'having fun' means 'acting like a complete goofball, but worse', then you'd have to count me out.

Now that we've completed our wonderful trip down Insanity Boulevard, why don't we just all review ourselves for a few moments, and see how far we've advanced since the last great fire, which would be around June-July time? About that time, yes, I'm correct.

Have we improved as a community? As individuals? As players? As members of such a 'heavy roleplay' community?

What could you have done better, do you have any regrets how you handled things in a certain way? If you could take something back, what would it be?

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I think we're improving, now that some of the toxic (read: cancerous) elements of the community have moved on, even though they still post on the subreddit about us because no life, but I digress. I'm actually playing now, sometimes, which is more than I could say two or three months ago when, to be honest, I wanted nothing to do with the pointless drama because people take 2D spessmens way too seriously.

Personally, I'm having fun, I know other people are having fun, too. We don't get as many griefers as a year ago, which is always good. I've noticed this whole anti-establishment crusade where people accuse the staff of favoritism and all, which I find to be untrue. I hate everyone equally. Kidding, at least, the hating part. People feel way too singled out, for no reason other than they want to be special, I guess. Not to mention this whole two schools of thought, as Japak put it:


It seems to me the issue is that there are two schools of thought at work, the same two schools of thought which will ALWAYS be at work:

1. Those who use heavy RP as a safe means to conduct there RP and occasionally goof around in a relatively safe and stable environment (safe and stable being relative to the rest of the servers on the hub).

2. Those who use heavy RP as a means to actually simulate what it would be like to work on a corporate space station.

The fact is that both of these schools of thought are at ends with each other and yet also happen to fit into the server's rules and guidelines. The staff are here to ensure that people who play on the server have a good time and follow the rules to ensure that other people have a good time.


It seems to me that the Corporate Space Station Work Simulator 2457 group is what fosters this whole sense of elitism that seems to run through the community. Like, I get it, you like your roleplay, but get over yourself, it's still a game. For the record, this isn't addressed to any individual in particular, but we all know those people are out there. Chances are, if you feel offended by this, the shoe fits. So, I guess that's all for my rant. I can't be assed to type up volumes of social commentary and in-depth treatises because, I'm really just here to play and have fun doing something I like. And to make sure other people are having fun. Except for SenpaiShadow_, but that's just because he stood me up at prom.

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I am tired and worn out of arguing.

Some people like to do one thing, some people like to do other thing.

Some like it sillier, with a bit more lee-way.

Others like it more stern, structured, and orderly.

Neither side is right, and probably both sides are wrong to a degree.

Going to either extreme alienates the otherside, and frankly, I don't like that idea.

So compromise.

Roleplay is writing a story.

A good story doesn't lock itself in a niche and refuse to come out.

A good story knows how to use all aspects of drama.

Comedy & Tragedy have been linked since the beginning of time.

Horror & Heroics more so.

What we need is a balance, a compromise.

Anything in excess grows stale.

So stop trying to have things just your way.

Give a little ground to get a little ground, you know what I'm saying?

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The thing is, when someone posts something like this, with these assessment posts. It just puts them in a position where they seem like they think they know what's better, and that they're better than others. I'm not saying that's Delta's intentions, or what he believes. And he might actually have good intentions and want people to take a step back and take a look at it. But all it's doing is making it so that people feel singled out, and over analyze everything.

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The plethora of empty, mocking, self-entitled shitposting on the first page of this thread alone should clue you in on the state of our community, really. It's almost depressing, really--I've been getting heavier, more honest roleplay on Colonial Marines than Aurora recently.

Not really. A lot of people on here are simply expressing that they find the constant doomsaying kinda dumb.

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Evidently, the issue was that an antagonistic character had dared to be antagonistic and press forward with killing another antagonist character, and this frustrated the community member



Was any interesting RP given to Jboy? Nope. Walked into a room, died, and then got the usual clone RP maybe. Was any interesting RP given to Technokat? Nope. Walked into a room, killed Jboy for X reason, but X reason was immediately made invalid because he told Medical where to find the body.


Alright. Will be lifting this shortly, considering what Ryfer's said. Consider yourself on probation.


Thats all I got to say about that.

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