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Massive Botany Changes?

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As it stands, botany isn't really that exciting. They're basically stuck with the "you grow food for the chef and maybe get to mutate a walking little pet to keep you company while you cry yourself to sleep (or get stung to sleep, whichever happens first)". I have multiple ideas, but I was posting this mainly to see if people agreed with me and would like to see some changes, including ADDING PROFESSIONAL BEEKEEPING EQUIPMENT TO THE CRATE LIKE AN ACTUAL SMOKER AND BEE ARMOR (can't think of the name atm). Seriously, why isn't that a thing yet? How long have bees existed in the code?

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Every time someone asks me to get them bees from cargo, I get them bees. Bees are great.

Can you explain your ideas for your change? It's kinda hard to figure out if it'd be good without an explanation of what it would be.


1.) Adding actual professional beekeeping equipment (Beehoods/clothes, smoker to calm down bees before removal of honey, stuff like that)

2.) Fixing some spriting issues (non-fruited grapevine is pretty guilty of this [it doesn't have a sprite, invisible], but there are some others)

3.) Be able to hook up hydroponics tables so that water goes through them evenly and spreads. (Use of the screwdriver that starts in botany)

4.) Be able to pour E-Z nutrient into the tables instead of having to inject the plants with them (This includes mutagen as well, saves a lot of time)

5.) More mutation varieties (This is a research station after all, it would be cool to have more things that influence the game besides 'here chef take all of my labor and afk', and having the opportunity to do tests and professional reports)

6.) More plant species in general (There are, what, 4/5 different sentient species from all sorts of different planets? You'd think there'd be more than the human varieties {and the stuff that starts in the chapel/other stuff I didn't mention}; I like this idea particularly due to the lore that could be created around it, and perhaps give botany a semirole as someone that makes herbal pills and stuff based on what plants they add)

7.) https://gyazo.com/d0a9cc0844f04bfaa3c70d83bf0f1556 Adding this to botany for a private area which would have some beakers and a grinder in there so you don't have to keep bugging that AFK chef, not to mention the addition of privacy that botany doesn't really have. Even the bartender gets his own room. I'm pretty lenient on this, because it's not SUPER necessary, and it might mess up the general area. The room would also have tools for analyzing the chemicals in plant samples.

8.) More uses for honey. Like, seriously, no honey mead? No honey based recipes? Maybe a neat mechanic would be that dropping honey on the floor leaves a yellow puddle that slows movement when you walk through it or something. Just...have it be used for something besides shoving raw honeycombs in your mouth.

9.) More light sources naturally built in (You can never reach the optimal amount of lumens, even with blindingly bright lights all over the place).

10.) Don't make apiaries take up trays, make them unique buildings that can be set up. It makes way more sense. Also, get rid of the apiary book that starts in botany and put it in the beekeeping crate.

11.) More Biogenerator options (not that important but would be neat)

12.) Make mutating outside of species shifting worth it. Sure, there are some cool traits you can give plants, but I don't think it entirely affects yield/longevity/etc. It'd be great if mutating would increase the yield of a plant, or increase its power.

13.) Enable us to store seeds in the seed extractor. It would just make things SOOO much neater, and it would make more sense to keep the seeds organized instead of just having them sprawled and stacked on the seed extractor.

14.) Another bucket added to botany. 2 for the potential two botanists that spawn so they can both take care of plants, and 1 for milking the cow.

That's all I can really think of for right now, but I hope it gives you some ideas.

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biosuits protect you from bees if you can get R&D to give you one


But it's silly you have to ask for biosuits like that. The crate should come with a resprited biosuit that doesn't give radiation defense.


Yeah I agree with you on that, beekeeping crate should come with some kind of protection from bees

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Chances of this happening are very slim as there is already a backlog of things that need to be done.


I understand, I only listed those things because someone asked for the ideas I had in mind. And it's fine if there's a backlog, it'd just be nice to have some additions.

I'm hoping that this could be considered as an "extra" thing, where you could work on this once more important things are taken care of.

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While having a mess of varied ideas doesn't make development easier, can't this thread be seen as a collection of minor changes under a unified theme? Basically a suggestion for a "rehaul" of botany?


I was originally going to name it an overhaul of botany, but I felt like that would break the rule of "one thread per suggestion"...then someone asked me to list stuff, so...

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As somebody who has had to work with bees quite a lot in the past, I don't think botany's bees make much sense at all. I mean, I guess you could say things ran backwards in progression in 2457, but, it'd be odd.

Regarding bees, a few things could be done, to make it more realistic.

First off, replace the more "natural" looking bee-hives with 8-frames. 8-frames are pretty much what every person with bees uses, seeing as it's more practical than trying to honey from a natural bee-hive.

As suggested as well, add smokers. While this doesn't actually nullify all the actions of bees, it keeps them from becoming too agitated. How does this translate, ingame? Instead of chasing after players, bees that have had the smoker applied on their hive, will stay pretty much on top of the hive, but still still sting.

While we're talking about bees and chasing, while I doubt it would be possible, it would be nice to see bees have a certain distance that they will follow somebody from the hive, before returning to the hive. Bees wouldn't chase you across the entire station (although I'm not sure if that's what happens currently). After they decided you were an acceptable length away from their hive, most of them would return, with possibly one or two buzzing around you still.

Oh, yeah. And a beekeeping suit.

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I think it is a good idea to change some of the things regarding to Botany. As of now, you grow a ample amount of food, and then you are practically done. Things like bees add some variety, and needs more attention. Clothing, Equipment, and Bee's going through airtight windows needs to be fixed, lol. When the Developer team has potentially enough time to fix this, I think it can be done easily and would add some incentive to playing Botany. +1 Support from me.

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