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Duck woulda loved this. Or she would have yelled at me forever.




A rundown of what happened: Tenenza taught me toxins and how to make maximum yield bombs. I learned extremely quickly on my first round of Toxins how to make bombs... however, there were risks involved.

What I did /not/ know is that Testing can only take so much before opening a wall to the abyss that is open space Z-Level borders.

And what came next, only RNJesus could predict. I launched the bomb from starboard of the entire station TO PORT.

The bomb bounced off arrivals, and sat for a moment... meanwhile.

Vira De Santos' finger hovered over the signaller. Her eyes lit up with fire. Her cheeks felt rosy, yet a thought in her head urged her to not push dat fukken button.

She brushed her finger over the button in hesitation, with a sudden vibration rumbling amongst the hallways. Everyone was thrown offbalance, and the positronics' alarms spiked... one sentence rang out in common comms...

"Vira De Santos, you have committed an act of terrorism."

Her jaw dropped.

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As your Toxins Sensei, I must remind you: The third time is not the charm.

Such is the Tao of Toxins.


Also, I'd like to say that I forgot to tell you about the bomb cap, but I kinda just didn't because, science is about learning new things!

Or maybe it's about blowing people up.

Or both.

Only Duck knows for sure.

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Acel was just in the room to watch the explosions, next he knew the bomb Vira sent off fucked his break up. He just had a very "Well shit" feeling once he heard. Then twenty fuckin` meteors hit the station and he was a bit sad.

Also, Meowy died but who actually cares

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This is beautiful and I'm sad I missed it.

Explanation of bombcaps.

The bombcap is 3/7/14, which means everything within a three radius of a bomb is completely annihilated (you take 500 brute even if you're in a bomb suit. If you're in a bomb suit, congratulations! You get to not be gibbed). Anything in 7 tiles of a bomb gets hit by a heavy burst, and thus takes 60 burn and 60 brute. And then dies. A bombsuit used to! reduce this by dividing both damages by 1.5, so you'd only take like 80 brute and then die from pressure anyway. Bombsuits aaaare being buffed. I changed it to divide by 2 instead of 1.5, so you take 30 brute and 30 burn. and then die from pressure. After that is the light explosion, which hits in a 14 tile radius. This is the baby stuff. The stuff no one really cares about. You take like 30 brute or something and no burns. Used to be /2 if you were wearing a bombsuit for ~15. Buffed so that you take just a measly 1 damage if you're protected.

we should probably remove the bomb cap or something in my opinion.

also, everything i learned in science i learned so i could blow people up better so. that's not far off.

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I, too, wish to push the envelope

Also, the teamspeak was absolutely roaring with laughter. 40 minutes before, we were asking for a meteor round

They got their fucking meteor round, alright...

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