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[Completed] Peter Stone's old badge.

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BYOND Key:Jakers457

Character name:Peter Stone

Item name: Peter Stone's badge (or something fancier, eh.)

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He's been working in Security for thirty years, and still has his badge from his early days.

Item function(s): Similar to that of a Holobadge, except the identity is already imprinted.

Item description: An old looking badge that has seen as many ordeals as it's owner.

Item appearance:I would like the spriter to come up a with a design of what the badges may have looked thirty years earlier, IC wise.

Additional comments:

I would like this, to tell a story about Peter and perhaps show his experience as an Officer through this little trinket.

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I could for one help, if you make me informed of, since there is a reason we have spriters around here. Right now developers are not that busy and we are free to help with side things people need help with. If you have a reference on what that badge might look like, please PM over Steam or Byond.

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