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Player Complaint: Rusty Sh4ckleford

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BYOND Key: Killerhurtz

Player Byond Key: Rusty Sh4ckleford

Staff involved: Tainavaa gave me the ckey - otherwise, no one.

Reason for complaint: As the Head of Security on a wizard round (on which I was the backup wizard because the first one SSD'd), attempted to kill me (and succeeded shortly before a shuttle was called) despite the following facts:

-The captain, in that game, delayed/tried to get me not killed, making their HoS technically break a Captain's order.

-I had harmed no one, nor was I in any capacity to, and never made any attempt to.

-To improve RP, I communicated with crew - and I even tried, on three different occasions, cooperating with security. All three times resulted in assault (tasing, flashing, then tasing that eventually escalated into use of lethals). Every time, all I did was blink myself out of harm and wait to heal out even though I could have, after the first time, memorized lethal spells to dispatch them (but that's no fun for anyone involved).

-For the latter in the above example, I had agree - to get them to do their role AND to give them a reason NOT to shoot me - to turn myself in for interrogation. It happened, then I was told to wait in the communal area for the captain to arrive - and at that point, the HoS itself tried to tase me while I blinked away - and of course that was all the reason needed to start a manhunt with lethals.

Approximate Date/Time: October 9 2015, ~5:20

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Then maybe I should add Cake to this - as they told me they tried DELAYING the kill order - and succeeded for 45 minutes. The detain order was clear however and I can't blame you for this - nor is this the subject of the complaint (it's strictly the assault despite a mutual agreement to containment if assault DIDN'T happen)

And as far as detain goes - I thought it was made clear that Dolos would cooperate if they weren't shot anymore. Thoughts on why they kept getting shot even after they were in technical custody?

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In the beginning, my captain had no way of knowing if you were crew or not. He was convinced you were just some other crew member on the radio after they had been in an accident and hit their head. Later, the head of security reported an intruder that could teleport. Out of curiosity, my captain asked you who you were, and checked the manifest for your name. He concluded that you were the intruder.

I kept hearing about how the intruder was immediately tased on sight, and didn't particularly like it. I gave an order, ver batum, to use "words before weapons." According to the head of security and the officers who came into contact with you, you still teleported away, refusing to communicate with them even without the use of nonlethals. That was when the nonlethal on sight order was given. Let me say that the only heads of staff at this time were the loyalty implanted captain and the loyalty implanted head of security, both who's job it is is to ensure the safety of the station, crew, and the workings of the station. An intruder who can teleport anywhere at will? Massive security risk. Imagine what they could steal, or what they could remember and take back to whoever sent them.

After repeated attempts at nonlethal detainment resulted in failure, I was this close to declaring it a high-security threat, and giving the order to resolve it at any cost. This entailed summary execution. I thought for a while, and determined there was another way. I gave the order to the head of security for their entire department to stand down entirely. I had engineering relay to you that the bartender was offering you a drink, and we were going to let you take it. And we did.

Things were seeming go to well. You walked away, and then (against orders at first), the detective stepped out to speak with you. They specifically stated over security comms, "I want to put a bullet through her head. She's a security risk." I did not allow him. They convinced you to go back and speak to them. From what the head of security told me, you were unwilling to talk about anything other than "I want a drink." It was at this point I had determined you wanted nothing more than free reign to roam about the station, doing what you pleased, without resistance. As a captain, again, who's job it is is to ensure the safety of his or her station and crew, this was unacceptable. Bottom line.

The head of security suggested they fire at you point blank in one final attempt to detain you. They asked, "Lethals?" And I replied with, "If necessary." Nonlethal attempts resulted in, yet another, attempt at escape. Lethals were the next option. After about a five minute chase, the detective finally finished it.

I apologize if this was an unsatisfactory ending to the round. However, I believe I acted like any good captain would. I gave the intruder multiple chances. I only resorted to lethals as a last ditch effort, even if said intruder was not openly hostile.

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And that's where things went wrong.

I'm following you until the manifest part.

But the 'words before weapons' didn't last long - the only two characters I remember actually following it were Geraldine and the detective - and at that point my character already had been tased once, and so was wary - and IIRC announced, over public comms, that it didn't want to be shot and that until it was guaranteed, would steer clear of the 'blues'. Then Geraldine made an agreement to meet my character. We met at the top of Science, and we talked - we agreed to stuff my character in a welded locker for safety, because cuffs and straitjackets were not comfortable. They couldn't find one so it specifically announced I was going to get one - and it just happened to be within Science. I opened the locker and was about to get inside but BAM, the other officer with Geraldine flashed me so I teleported away. I'm going to assume this is the point where your captain heard words of the non-cooperation and he gave the order for non-lethals on sight - even though my character kept repeating over and over that all it wanted was to not get harmed again (but at that point it made sense since security sort of omitted the part where my character announced their intention and where they got flashed). I know about the security risk - except that there was several witnesses that saw my character was harmless AND it was always cooperative always to the point where the security actively tried to detain it without it's agreement - and that's when the rubber bullet goosechase started.

Then, as you said, Security stood down, Dolos got a drink from the bar then agreed to meet Security in the brig - where the detective, one of the only people my character somewhat trusted BECAUSE he was not constantly trying to fuck it up, met them. They talked for a little - until the HoS walked into the picture and I followed the both of them to the brig, into Processing for interrogation. It answered the questions truthfully - the backstory I made for this wizard was that it was just an unemployed entertainer for birthday parties that just so happened to use more advanced tricks, and that it got lost on it's way to some bar (though it DID crack a few joke references). But because it passed as unemployed (which was technically true), it's answers were deemed not acceptable - and then the HoS asked it what it was doing here, and it referenced the bar and how all it wanted was a drink (that it already had).

Then it was told to wait in the detention recreational area - and that's the point at which I assumed you gave the order to try and detain it - but the thing is, it CONSISTENTLY made it clear that as long as it was not harmed, after that point, it would cooperate. It expected the Captain to come for a talk, and instead was shot with a taser - despite the evidence as to what consistently happened during the round. It fled. And that's where the manhunt started.

I'm not blaming you Cake - infact I'm not blaming anyone, I see complaints as points to see the full picture so that if something went wrong it is seen, and if not it is resolved (and further disclaimer, I'm not angry and don't have a grudge - I just really want to know what happened, and if something wrong happened I want to see a precedent so that maybe things could get better). It sounds like your captain had a lot of information missing - like how my character always cooperated up until the point where actions were actively taken against it that was not part of an agreement. And that's where my problem is.

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