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Riot Gear Ideas: Shitsec's Revenge


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Hey hey. Just here to offer some ideas for new riot gear for sec, as their current selection is quite limited in terms of crowd control. Here goes!

Tear Gas Grenades: What it says on the tin. Simple timer-based grenades that release a choking, irritating gas. Good for crowd dispersal or control. Possibly lethal if inhaled in high doses (an actual reason for sec to wear gas masks?). A box of these would ideally include some sort of propulsion apparatus (I.e, good ol' nade launcher), because who wants to deploy teargas by hand?

"Slugger" Shotgun: A modified combat shotgun that fires a special type of ammo: concussive slugs. These tend to consist of metal balls encased in a thick layer of leather. Getting hit with a slugger shot will likely cause bone fractures. A successful shot to the head may knock out a rioter immediately, but of course carries the risk of brain damage. All in all, somewhere between a taser and a combat shotgun in terms of lethality and usefulness.

Kinetic Cannon: A small, shotgun like weapon. Firing it creates a massive blast of kinetic force, pushing back the target- whether person or object- as though they had been hit by strong airflow. Useful for crowd dispersal, but using it in closed areas carries the risk of serious injury to the target. (Inspired by the similar device from Minority Report)

"Agitator" Heat Ray: A large device that must be moved and deployed like a singularity containment beam. It projects a field 3 tiles wide and 6 tiles long. Rioters within the field will experience a deep, burning pain in their skin- but will suffer no actual burn damage. Mainly effective through RP, though actual negative gameplay effects (such as tox damage) may come from standing in the radioactive field for too long.

Those are all my ideas for now. Feedback appreciated. Feel free to add more.

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Tear Gas: Could be useful, although you can already get something like these if you ask the Chemist or R&D to make some. Sleep-Toxin is probably more useful. The Grenade Launcher sounds fun, although more then a bit overkill.

Slugger: Stun/Non-lethal Rounds already exist for the shotgun. I don't really see the need for concussive slugs, much less a whole new shotgun to go with them.

Kinetic Cannon: This sounds like something the Pneumatic Cannon should be able to do. Although, I expect the mechanics of making the Pneumatic Cannon launch mobs back like that would be more complex then it sounds.

Heat Ray: This seems overkill. Cool, but definitely overkill. I'm fairly sure that any Rioters would flee before this thing even got setup, or would have you know, either gotten robusted by, or robusted, Sec. Kinda like the Auto-Flashes. It's more of a denial of area weapon then anything else. Or a Torture device. Still, very cool.

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Some new ideas...

Scarier Riot Suits: Various real-world countries employ the use of unsettling masks in their riot gear, to demoralize rioters. This concept could easily be applied to our current riot gear with some respriting.

Notable examples of scary as fuck riot gear:






And, for good measure, the armor from Jin-Roh



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