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Remove atmo simulation!..oh and replace with


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So instead of just removing the atmos testing thing as suggested we should offer something to replace it. so here’s three ideas that I think would be nice to give antags more options. I don’t exactly know how to disable safeties but I think it should be something that is hackable so more antags can do it.

These ideas will serve as good distractors for different departments rather than just destroying the entire station.

Atmos testing – The area in the holodeck becomes space. This will cause vents and breaches but can be fixed a lot quicker than the massive explosion the original test was.

Medical testing – anyone that enters the area gets a random virus

Security training – xenomorphs, I know we have space carp but that always seems underwhelming and easily handled. If not xenomorphs I do think something more formidable than space carp would be a good idea.

The idea behind all three of these is to give antags a chance to distract crew by having them deal with something else. None of these are detrimental the way the original atmos testing is but still must be handled or it can become an issue.

IDK if i should have created a new topic because the original did not have any suggestions, so i did.

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I am one hundred percent against altering the holodeck atoms simulation in any form other than altering the ease of which it can be accessed. I think its healthy for game design to have something one or two catastrophically lethal things in the game that severely alter the rest of the round.

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