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Player complaint: Fortport-Scurra

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BYOND Key: Gollee

Player Byond Key: Fortport, Scurra

Staff involved: Tablespoon, Japak121

Reason for complaint: Borderline ERP, and ignoring in-game roles.


As referenced in the last Gyazo, the HoP's dress was completely removed, and thrown away during this incident.

This was as Nisha Dokado, Head of Personnel (Fortport), and Euora De'leo, Roboticist (Scurra); this primarily took place in mechbay, but was also notable around the kitchen. In addition, this was during at least blue alert where multiple crewmembers had died, and there were bomb threats against the station.

I am mainly concerned that Fortport ignored his duties as a head of staff to get some jollies while crew were being killed, threats were known, and the station was being damaged. It shows a blatant disregard for what command staff are meant to do. As well as conducting borderline/cross the line, ERP.

Approximate Date/Time: approximately 0200 GMT 30/10/2015

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I did talk to them about the borderline ERP...which really only warranted a talking to. However, I don't believe my actions touch upon the implications of command staff potentially ignoring station emergencies just interaction with each other (which is what this post seems to be doing).

In other words: Talked to them about the borderline ERP, not the ignoring in-game roles part.

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Ohh my god... the holy seat of Captainship... soiled by ERP. Burn it!

Jokes aside, while my opinion's not exactly relevant on the matter of rules, I wouldn't exactly call that borderline. From what little context I see here, I think that only thing missing to make this a porn flic is genital action. With those images in mind, it's obvious that people in question were intentionally abusing the limits of the rules with ERP being the real intent. What you are looking at is foreplay to actual ERP, most likely done through skype or other channels.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This is not acceptable behavior from a Unathi female. Female Unathi are an oppressed sub-class in a very deeply patriarchal system. Homosexual unathi characters cannot be so open or confident in expressing it, especially to an alien species. Bucking trends or expectations is fine, but it's expected that it's done with a sense of respect or understanding of the species' culture so that it's done effectively. Euora should be terrified of anyone finding out she digs chicks because on Moghes she'd be scorned, assaulted, or murdered.

This behavior isn't something I want to see happen again.

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