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Garn's complaint against....Garn

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BYOND Key: Garnascus

Player Byond Key: Garnascus

Staff involved: It was not ahelped but i might be wrong here

Reason for complaint:

Let me first offer an explanation about why i am making a complaint against myself, in short because an extreme amount of displeasure was expressed in dead chat over my play on my RD character thaumiel during a malf AI. I wasnt able to properly explain myself with all the chat flying and still being in game and i encouraged those wronged in their minds to write a complaint so that we could logically sort through all of this and determine if i was actually a shit or not. I find out the next day after and...interesting cult round that the players neglected to write a complaint due to lack of faith in staff and that nothing will come of it.

that makes me angry, im not fond of the idea that whenever i might screw up or go over the line of rules while playing that my mistakes will be covered up simply because of my position as a moderator for this server. The reality is i am and should be held to a higher standard than that. My purpose here is to open the forum for discussion and hopefully prepare a crucible that will burn away all but the truth.

My record since becoming a moderator is 100% clean, i have not faced any administrative punishment for any play up until now but i am a moderator and dish out punishments and judgements regularly and as such have ZERO excuse to not fully understand what is and is not okay. Therefore should it be found here that my RD play was indeed out of bounds then i think a RD job ban of three days is appropriate, ill place it myself if i have to.

So without further ado lets get onto the actual meat of the issue. It was a malf-Ai round in which i was playing as my RD character thaumiel. The ai player was ALPHA (unknown ckey as of this time). It began the shift by shortly announcing that it had orders from CC about certain procedures to enact because of some biohazard protocol. My RD thought this odd but didnt really care so long as "my work isnt disturbed". He began to get a peculiar feeling that central command had not communicated with command staff about the biohazard and instead where giving orders solely through the AI. this coupled with the apparent lack of any evidence of a biohazard i decided to fax central command about the nature of these orders.

I recieved a reply from a duty officer (i believe it was nursekitty) stating that there where no orders being given and as far as they knew there was biohazard threat. I waited a little bit and asked the AI over PDA messages about the true nature of whatever he was doing. In my mind as the RD i had enough evidence to suspect there was something very off about the AI. It told me there was still a biohazard and i confronted it with the duty officer correspondence i had recieved. It told me they where lieing to me and had deleted all logs of the orders from the telecomms because it was such a threat and it cautioned me from continueing this line of questioning else i would be deemed a threat to the operation. I was trying to get it to admit that there was a problem with its laws as i figured i had enough evidence to believe so. It instead decided to still deny this so i made an announcement informing the crew if the duty officer correspondence and that the biohazard was a lie.

My next course of action was to take a look at the robotics console and take a look at the cyborgs. there where two and close by (i think?) so i locked them down with the idea to bring them to my lab and un-slave them from the AI so they could choose to help it or me. however immediately after i locked the borgs down a console in my office blew up and i recieved heavy damage. I logically assumed this was the work of the AI trying to silence me and so i retaliated...by blowing up both cyborgs. what followed after this was parts of security trying to make it to the AI core to turn it off/kill it with us eventually being successful

Im probably leaving some things out but its not intentional. I like to think im a fairly reasonable person, lets get all sides of the story here and examine the data.

Approximate Date/Time: 11/1/2015

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Sometimes people try to do things for the sake of good, and end up going about it the wrong way so it looks like the guy trying to do something cool for a change was actually a total buttlord.

I think this is one of those occasions, once again, where shit goes in the exact opposite direction you intended it to, or when you mean to do one thing but end up following through on another end.

I saw a little of what happened. Apparently a lot of people were dead, gravity was gone, and shit was overall pretty fucked.

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