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Allow attaching igniter assembly to welding kit


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Subject says it all

Currently we can hook up an assembly to a welding tank, why not the backpack sized fuel kit? This would allow for a 'last ditch' threat kind of thing seeing how it can be held on your back, also allowing for a more portable IED system. Obviously the amount of fuel would result in a much smaller yield explosion than a full fuel tank

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Ehh honestly, if you're an antag and want a self-portable explosive device, you can hack your way into chemistry/the research outpost and make yourself a way more potent potassum bomb (or several of them if you really want to take a chunk of station out)

a kit bomb won't take that big a chunk out of the station, maybe not even enough to bust through to space

but its something that could do a world of hurt to the person its strapped on to and those next to them. The kit holds like 1/5 the fuel of a full tank

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