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W3bster's Application

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account:W3bster

Character Name(s): Ahren Hawkins Webster Hawkins, Anthony Hawkins, Garen Hawkins, Rylan Hawkins. SOON : Hoshihito Horiguchi

AI Name(s): Alpha, Holo. (NOTE : Also use many, many of the default names that i minorly edit to make more sense)

Preferred means of contact: Skype (NOTE : Highly versatile. ANY means of communication, even phone calls, are down my alley.)

Age: 18

Timezone: GMT -5:00, Eastern Time

When are you on Aurora?:

Sunday : Any available time from 10 AM, to 3 AM

Monday : Any available time from 10 AM, to 11 PM

Tuesday :Any available time from 6 PM to 3 AM

Wednesday :Any available time from 10 AM, to 11 PM

Thursday :Any available time from 5 PM, to 11 PM

Friday : Any available time from 5 PM, to 3 AM

Saturday : Any available time from 10 AM, to 3 AM



How long have you played SS13?: Two years and a half

How long have you played on Aurora: Two months and a half

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: With the current build of Aurora, as well as the current build of the main Baystation branch, i would consider that i know everything, mechanic-related. Versatile at every role, administration and moderation components and tools.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?:

- Mentor, Administrator : Paradise Station (Left, internal issues)

- Moderator, Highest administrator level : Unbound Travels (Left on a good note, during host changes) (Now dead)

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?:

Once, On paradise, previous to my staff experience.

I appealed it, which contains all information related to the ban.




Why do you play SS13?: To disconnect from reality, to have fun, to cool down, to meet new people, to bond with people in a peculiar environment, to be part of something else. I've previously pondered on this specific question. I have never found a clear answer. It appears to be the best "Game" as to waste a lot of time on but never get bored of, at all. It's the perfect excuse to do nothing. The perfect game to play when you have nothing to do.

Why do you play on Aurora?:

Refering to my whitelist application answer to "Why did you come on Aurora", since i believe it is the same question, worded differently.


First off, a little backstory on my SS13 career. It first began on Alium Deathtrap 13. An extremely niche server with only Extended, that had rounds that would go on for 7-12 hours. I remained there for a good few months, before internal staff turmoil and player abuse took it's toll on me and i had to find a new home. I decided to do a radical change of Roleplay level and headed to Paradise. After a little while as a Mentor, i became an Admin. That lasted a good two months. But due to internal management issues (Please PM if you require more information about this. Willing to keep the drama out of the public channels), i resigned. Willing to return to a peaceful, HeavyRP community, i made my way to the newly born Unbound Travels, hosted by SshAdo. Due Ssh holding conversations with me during BestRP's fall and Unbound's rise, i was able to blaze through the ranks and become a highly-positionned admin. Yet the community was fragile, and the Administration had issues. Ssh, in good faith, decided to halt hosting the server, due to much grief caused to many members of staff and members of the server alike. Jamie made thje decision to rehost the server. I tried being a part of that, but it was just not the same and the environment was different. I did not appreciate Unbound anymore. So i left SS13 for a good while. Now, having dealt with IRL issues, i am able to return to SS13. I have chosen Aurora as my new home station, as the community and staff appear highly welcoming and much less abusive that what i have seen on previous HRP stations. It's ruleset, mentality and roleplay style fits with what i want from a community. Hence me being here.



What do moderators do?: Moderators handle Adminhelps in relation to rule breaking, and other things depending on the server. They make sure the rules are respected, investigating every situation to their fullest when necessary. They may instigate bans, warnings or simple mentions in PMs to player behavior in order to correct that which is not appropriate to the server and it's rules, as well as community.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It means having the ability to not only apply the rules depending on the context of the situation, but also to enforce to a certain point, Roleplay. Which many servers have strayed from doing since it causes Drama, conflict and whatnot. On Aurora, i believe that staff are able, and should be if not, to be able to enforce a level of Roleplay, since it defines itself as "Heavy Roleplay".

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I believe it is my way to contribute to the server. Allowing others to have an enjoyable experience by doing the work of Moderator is what brings me enjoyment. As well as the environment. I have always enjoyed on all previous communities i have been staff on, the environment of being staff. I don't strive for power or anything. That would be wrong. I strive for the good of the community, and i believe the best way for me to provide so is by such work.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?:

My "Veteran"ship from being staff on other SS13 communities, all the way from Low-med RP, to med-high RP.

My ability to adapt fast and easy to new environments. My ability to operate under stress. My ability to not only staff by a set of rules, but being able to adapt and work with situational contexts.

I could mention many others, but i find it revolves mostly around the two foremost points. I could state more in an interview, if required.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Having been staff on many communities involving immature teenagers, trolls, griefers and the kind (Minecraft, Gmod, CS:Source, SS13) for a long time, with a high user:admin online ratio, i can say that i can handle all of those extremely well. The amount of insults, hatred and pressure i've been put on relating to staff environment, especially for SS13, do not affect me anymore.


Anything Else You Want to Add:

Other Unrelated Previous Experience :

- Administrator, Community Lead : Midnight Phoenix (Unrelated to SS13) (Now dead)

- Forum Moderator : Vbulletin-based community that offers many products (Please private message for more information) (On tight, monitored schedule) (Unrelated to SS13) (Current)

- Host : Private Minecraft Server (From 2012 to current) (Private Server, IRL, 25-30 people)

- Moderator, Administrator : Many public minecraft servers and communities (Unrelated, Outdated, many communities changed names and/or died. Lost trace and contact)

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I would enjoy feedback, may it be positive or negative. Any feedback of any kind from any kind of party, even the slightest of?

Not to be pushy or anything, and i do understand applications are discussed behind the scenes, but the lack of any replies, attempt at interview like other apps had and everything makes for an uneasy ignored feeling, you know?

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Hi w3b, so the way we are doing this round of mod apps is kinda in "waves" we accepted some trials for a first wave of two weeks and then evaluate from their who gets to stay and who gets the boot (if any). after this period we will start with a new batch of trials. Its partly why you havent had any discussion here but there has been discussion on all apps behind the scenes.

you do however have a right to know criticisms levied against you and its our fault for not bringing it up sooner. so ill bring it up now. There have been criticisms that you can get a bit "salty" when things go awry in a round and that you arent a very "roll with it" person when it comes to RP. How do you respond to this?

How able are you to make tough decisions? sometimes we have to ban someone who we REALLY dont want to, but rule violations can only pile up so high and a line has to be drawn some where, what are your thoughts on this?

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There have been criticisms that you can get a bit "salty" when things go awry in a round and that you aren't a very "roll with it" person when it comes to RP. How do you respond to this?


At any previous occasions i have staffed In SS13, there has been people i've learned to love and hate. Yet there is one factor that always remained. I define a very strict, visible line between my own issues and staffing. I've come to be able to get over such feelings and deal fully rationally with members as staff, even though actions i had taken in-character that very round had gotten me riled up.

As regarding to the "saltiness" itself, which we may define more clearly as being upset towards certain issue, there is a lot i can speak about this. There are many events where i'll clearly be vocal about my disagreement with something. Most of the time if i am vocal, and told to tone it down, i immediately will. I have never gone to insult or yell (Such as type all caps) at another player, or generally rage out or lash out at someone. The worst you may see from me is expressing my distaste at someone's behavior in deadchat, as a player. If you were to verify my behavior as staff with previous server owners/headmins i staffed on, they may all probably agree that once i am granted the responsibility of Mod, Mentor, Admin or whichever, i give up entirely on such behavior, as i am no longer a player, but a staff member that must uphold the values and respect of a server.

As staff, one must remain as unbiased as possible. If bias is inevitable, one must not involve themselves as staff in the case, at all, and hand it to another staff member that will remain unbiased. Such is what i operate upon.


How able are you to make tough decisions? sometimes we have to ban someone who we REALLY dont want to, but rule violations can only pile up so high and a line has to be drawn some where, what are your thoughts on this?


That's happened before on other servers have been staff on, and i do know it will happen again. It is something that we must deal with, prepared or not.

Fully able.

I've been known to deal with extremely tricky situations, such as long-term members of our community that acted passively toxic or demeaning to others, whilst only minorly breaking the rules or fully skirting around them, while still demonstrating a negative behavior that impacted the player base and generated a lot of negativity in the long term, while still not clearly breaking any rules allowing for official staff actions. On a case-per-case basis, most of the time, through rational discussions via adminPMs, may it have to durate a whole round, i was able to discuss key points with the player and either change their behavior, or warn them of their current one. Although some times their behavior simply cannot be helped.

As for a snippet of extra information, in case it may serve,

my philosophy on the "primary" staff actions has been as per follow :

Warnings are used to point out to someone that their behavior is not in line with the rules and environment of the server, and warns them of such, in hopes that they will change their behavior to respect the rules.

Temporary bans are used when a warning was not enough, or their actions too severe, and serves as a direct red flashing light saying "Your behavior is not acceptable". The temporary ban, may it be job ban, antag ban or server ban, is to give them a "Time out", for them to cool down and take the time to think seriously about their behavior. What did i do wrong that made it so i got this, and what may i do to correct it?

Permanent bans are used when all previous attempts have failed, and the player does not demonstrate any will or capability to correct their behavior to align with a server's rules and environment. Usually, when such bans are handed out, there has been a solid history of attempts at behavioral correction to no avail.

As for appeals, a player appealing his ban, temporary or permanent, shows the will and commitment (depending on the content of the appeal and it's judged sincerity, previous behavior of the player and many other factors) of the player's will to change and adapt to the community.

Those are the barebone philosophies i usually use, and are extremely crude. Of course, this is to apply to the general model of a player, and excludes exceptions such as massive trolls, griefers, ETC.

Of course, i adapt my philosophy depending on the community i staff. It doesn't work everywhere magically.

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Due to my recent drunken behavior as well as my new duties as Sysadmin and Head of community of a larger, time-consumming Roleplay community, i am retiring this application.

I am not fit, nor do i have the time to staff here.

Apologies for the behavior. There's a first and a last time for everything, eh?

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