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Complaints Wanted - Jason Sanders

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So, I know a ton of people have a ton of problems with my main character, Jason Sanders, and seeing as this is the new, hip thing to do, I'd like to hear any and all complaints people have. I'll probably do a small bit of reworking Jason, but probably not too much.

Flavor Text:

Jason Sanders stands at a taller than average 6'2. He walks with an aura of confidence and determination. At first, he looks to be awkwardly skinny, but on a second glance, you see he is significantly more muscular than he first appeared. He has a runners build, with a lot of lean muscle. He has a robotic right arm.

His facial features seem young, placing him somewhere in his late teens or early twenties. He has bright, piercing, almost neon blue eyes that are half hidden under an unruly mop of hair. He has a well groomed beard, somewhat at odds with his wild, uncombed hair. He almost always has a smile on his face, although it's hard to tell if it's genuine or not.

He speaks quickly, sometimes dropping entire syllables for seemingly no reason at all. He is constantly moving his hands, except when in the presence of very close friends. He has a slight gutter accent that doesn't help make him more understandable, and he tends to ramble unless stopped.



Jason was born on New Gibson to a woman that was too poor to take care of him. The father had left months prior to Jason's birth, but the woman tried her best. She was, however, woefully unprepared to take care of an infant, when she was barely making enough money to feed herself. Jason spent most of his life growing up in an orphanage. His only friends were the owner of an antique shop near his home, and the movies and comic books he got from them. His voracious consumption of various ancient pop-culture quickly drove a wedge between him and his peers. He found it hard to communicate with anyone without peppering his sentences with references and slang that was nonsensical to the vast majority of the people around him. He was bullied and verbally abused by almost everyone around him.

At the age of fifteen, Jason left the orphanage, and quickly enough joined up with a gang of teenagers in similar positions as him. Doing various illegal activities didn't shake Jason too much, until a mugging turned fatal. Jason was the one holding the weapon. Jason ran away again, terrified of what he'd done. The only comfort he could find were the heroic tales found in the comic books and movies he enjoyed so much, especially Spider-Man. Jason, determined to get away from New Gibson and his current life in general, looked to find a job. After a few years of hard work, he'd done enough ladder climbing to be hired as an assistant aboard the NSS Aurora.


Personality Junk:

Jason has trouble dealing with troubling situations on his own. Most of the time, he relies on another person, substance, or other thing to help him through traumatic or depressing situations.

Jason has had trouble with alcoholism in the past.

Jason makes lots of jokes whenever he gets frightened or worried, and since he's frightened or worried a lot, he makes a lot of annoying jokes.

Jason tries his best to help people to the best of his abilities, but most of the time he finds himself causing more harm than good.

Jason's biggest fear is being alone.


Important Notes:

Jason lost his arm after the cyborg N.E.C.R.O.N. shot him in the middle of a firefight. Jason suffered nerve damage, and his arm was unusable until he got it replaced.

Jason is diagnosed with both clinical depression and ADHD.

Jason's father is Jesse Rhineheart(see my whitelist thread). He's never met the man in person, but Jesse keeps tabs on Jason at all times.

Jason has worked as almost all of the civilian department except for a cook, and has also spent some time as a Security Officer.

Jason's alter-ego, The Crimson Crow, is more of a coping mechanism than anything else. Whenever things get too stressful for Jason, putting on the outfit and fighting crime makes him feel better.

Jason has been cloned multiple times before. He's aware of almost all of them.

Jason was raped his second shift on the NSS Aurora. His 'friend' stunned him and raped him. Jason blocked most of it from his memory, but he was reminded of it when Selvion Renworth kissed him while drunk. Jason had a long time fear of sex due to that, and has trouble saying no to sexual situations.


So, yeah. Complaints, comments, concerns are all welcome here. I'd love to hear them all.

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Jason was raped his second shift on the NSS Aurora. His 'friend' stunned him and raped him. Jason blocked most of it from his memory, but he was reminded of it when Selvion Renworth kissed him while drunk. Jason had a long time fear of sex due to that, and has trouble saying no to sexual situations.


Goddammit, Selvion. Quit being a space rapist.

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As much as ICly I hate the C Crow. And always end up tossing him in the brig and berating him. I do really like it.

Last time I checked his records they were empty. Even if you filled in a few lines with just what is in the important notes section. Also have him hack the records and have 'Superhero extraordinaire' probably in all caps for one of his jobs. but that is JFF.

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Guest Menown



Srsly tho. He's real. Jason is great because of that. He seems desperate enough to try and go after most women he sees, and that gives him a flaw. Character flaws are great. Fuck the Crow. I hate that bitch. And Jason. Fuck them both.

Good job, Silver.

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