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The Kingdom

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The kingdom of Iondul is beautiful place, huge tracks of lush green hills, large emerald forests, architect that looks like the work of the gods, and the citizens are free to do as they please, with little to no interruptions from the crown. But thats not to say there aren’t any bad things. There are cults, vampires, necromancer sects, and disease is all to common in some of the outer provinces. However, no matter how you look at it, no matter where you live, you’ve had it better than you could have somewhere else. There aren’t any other kingdoms, but there are independent places in the world, but news of them being razed to ground, or the entire population dying comes almost everyday. However, one the most obvious downsides to living here is that life get predictable and boring after a while. Thats why some people decide to become adventures.


There are four major cults in Iondul, all with their own different beliefs and holy books.

The Heart of Artemus.

Focused on the purity of the human mind above the body, and believe that disease is just an illusion cast on those who do not truly follow his way. It is believed that everyone who dies of disease are damned forever. Their book is the “Book of Artemus.”

Followers of the Mother

They seek to serve the “Mother,” a mysterious force, person or spirit that only the high priest is allowed to see personally. Their book is the “Faith of the Mother”

The Spirits

They believe their bodies are just are just hosts for powerful, immaterial beings, their souls and spirits. They believe that healing themselves in anyway harms their spirits. Their book doesn't have a name, its just scribbles, and its said that someone's soul will translate the book in time.



Traits are special perks that you can only have one of, and have both a negative and a positive side, while perks are only positive.

Lowly Peasant;

Start with a house, but have no gold.


Start off with a pickaxe, but no clothes or armour will fit you unless you have it tailored, or unless its already dwarf sized.


You start with a cultist robe and a cultist book, but most people won’t trust you.

Vampire Cattle;

Vampires won’t attack you, but you have a chance of starting with vampirism, or the disease that leads to vampirism.


You start with a map, paper and a mapping set, but you can't travel to locations without a map.


You start off with a bronze fighting sword, but also start wounded and scarred.



You won't start off with any perks, but you will gain one with every level up, and the perks available to you will be based on stats and level.



All character start off at level 0, and will gain XP for doing various things, like completing tasks/quests, killing enemies, selling crafted objects for more than selling all the ingredients would sell for, and many various other tasks.


Character Sheet





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Name: Valin Do'Crae

Gender: Male

Trait: Lowly Peasant

Appearance: Valin is a short man, only 4'10" tall. His his is auburn and cropped short but messy. He wraps himself in linen rags to avoid exposure and to keep the elements at bay. He is as tanned as can be from working the local fields. In his early 30's he could be confused for being older due to how the sun has damaged his skin from long hours of working outside.

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Name: Siara Tranth

Gender: Female

Trait: Vampire Cattle

Appearance: A thin, short woman, with a pale and drawn complexion. Standing at about 5'2", her hair is a dirty blond; made darker by the heavy layers of grease and filth that have built up. Her pale complexion is extenuated by thin, worn clothes, and a hunched demeanor. She looks to have seen little of the light of day, though she could only be in her early twenties, given the lack of lines on her face.

((Always better to NOT have the vamps gunning for you from the start."

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The Grand Imperial City of Iondul. A beautiful place, really. The very seat of the Kingdom itself rests in town, a towering castle built ages ago. The Great Colosseum is the second greatest attraction of the town, half an hour walk from the castle, bringing flocks of fighters and citizens as the grand tournament starts in one month's time. Outside of those grand surroundings, the buildings and attractions are modest, markets filling the roads that act as a pseudo barrier between the housing district making an outer ring of the city, and the shops towards the inner city. Truly, a great time to live here.

((As Xeng/Valin owns a house, they should probably start there, the other two can start off either already inside the city, or just entering the city as their own discretion.))

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Valin's day began simply. A warm, though bland, breakfast and a packed cart. His home was a bit further away, towards areas alloted for farming, though still close enough for city locations to be worth the walk. With a heave he began his trek, pulling his cart along the path to lead him to a place in the markets to set up shop. ((I'm assuming it was fairly obvious from some of my descriptive text that he's a farmer. I might only have a small quantity of provisions and most of them might not be for sale, but I'd like to be setting up to sell some veggies. Also, never done this type of RP before, so if I'm not doing things right, PM me and I'll fix it all up.))

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Siara squinted as she walked through the gate into the lower city, keeping her eyes away from the bright sky. She is carrying a large wooden basket on her right arm. Peering through the crowds, the short woman slowly makes her way towards the market, making sure to keep to the less crowded parts of the bustling street.

The day was just beginning, and it was already beginning to bake, a cloudless sky ensured that the brilliant sun beat down on the city, raising a muggy, dry heat that had Siara sweating profusely by the time she began to look at the goods on sale.

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The trip from the gates to the market is quiet and calm, but by the time you're close to the market, that changes. You can here the yells of vendors trying to get attention for their wares. Its almost deafening when you get into the closed streets. Theres everything from booths butchering pigs and cows right in front of their customers, to jewelers peddling cheap gold, and locally grown harvest like fruits and vegetables.

Theres a number of open stalls to choose from, one between a produce stand, and a armorer, one between two jewelers, and one at the end of a street, right next ti an opening of the mark distract, and a man at a stand, with no wares on his table.


The trip from home to the market is quiet and calm, but by the time you're close to the market, that changes. You can here the yells of vendors trying to get attention for their wares. Its almost deafening when you get into the closed streets. Theres everything from booths butchering pigs and cows right in front of their customers, to jewelers peddling cheap gold, and locally grown harvest like fruits and vegetables.

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Name: Arikath Maldin

Gender: Male

Trait: Gladiator

Appearance: Standing at 5'12", and 195 lbs, the man is slender, but corded with muscle. He is a berserker, caring little for his own health. As such, he is scarred and bruised. He has bright blue eyes, and a small scruffy beard.

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Name: Maddox Vindicus

Gender: Male

Trait: Gladiator

Appearance: An average height, shit-grinning gladiator with pride gleaming from his oiled pectorals B-). He's got a complete head of short, dirty, dark chocolate hair in a poor attempt at an upward style off of his scalp. Wears a fitting rough-spun tunic with no sleeves over his chest, and some torn peasant trousers. Has bad quality woven bracers running from his wrists to his forearm made of his sleeve rags. A single scar starts at the lower end of his forehead, cuts through the middle of his right eyebrow, and stops at his right eye, which is a hazel-green. He is also missing his right middle finger.

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Name: Cornelius "Father" Blackwall

Gender: Male

Trait: Cultist (Priest presumably)

Appearance: A rather meager man, he only stands around 5'2" and weighs 160lbs. He is extremely slender and wears a neatly cut white beard and grayed hair neatly wrapped in a pony-tail behind him. His eyes are a piercing dull blue. He is certainly no youth and seems to be in his 60's, time having worn on his aged skin. His clothes are frayed and his book almost always close by.

He follows the Cult of Artemus and is a healer himself.

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Valin makes his way to the empty stand by the end of the street and parks his cart beside it. He then moves about to sit on the back of the cart and organize the various crops he has this day, setting up little placards by them to show their prices. He doesn't have much need steep sales as his life if plain enough to afford, so his prices just barely undercut other local growers with larger stocks.

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