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Karnaikai's Wrappings.


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BYOND Key: Canon35

Character name: Azeazekal Karnaikai.

Item name: Unathi Wrappings, Unathi head wrappings.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Like most unathi, Azeazekal believes in spirits and has a religion revolving around them. Azeazekal's people believe in a sect of the unathi religion which dictates that the best way to keep an evil spirit from manifesting inside you is to cover yourself in clothing and bandages. As such, he's worn the wrappings as a child and continues to cover most of his body.

Item function(s): The unathi wrappings don't have a function. They fit like into the exosuit slot, cover up the arms, chest, legs, feet, like the firesuit. The head wrappings act like a gas mask and fit onto the mask slot. Can be used as internals as it's got a breath mask attached to it. Covers the head like a ski mask.

Item description:

Unathi Wrappings: Stitched together clothing with bandages covering them, looks tailored for an unathi.

Unathi Head wrappings: A bunch of stitched together bandages with a fibreglass breath mask on it, openings for the eyes. Looks tailored for an unathi.

Item appearance: Not good at description, hopefully these images get the message across.






Additional comments: Nothing else to say.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I like this! I tried to keep the two major religions a bit open-ended to allow all kinds of diverse methods of worship between the clans, with the overarching themes. I didn't even think about a Unathi getting a philosophy about spirits like this. +1 from me as a concept. Even though custom items are sloooooooooooow to get, I can't wait to see it in-game.

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I have not seen Karn on station ever since the thunder dome incident. I'd be willing to accept it, but not playing your character in such a long time makes me extremely leery on accepting it.


I decided to sort of take a break from him, started playing my other unathi a bit more, I've started playing him again.

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