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Ghara/Na'ī hōma(New Home)

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Type: Planet.

Founding/Settlement Date: Unknown(Still being determined by historians.)

Region of Space: Outer Colonies.

Controlled by(If not a fraction.): Ni'ū khālisatāna lōkatatara(New Khalistan Democracy) and Hindū rājya(The Hindu State)

Other Snapshot infomation:

-The NKD is a militant society and demands that all males server a minimum 5 years in the military.

-NKD is the smaller of the two main governments, making money off of deals with NanoTrasen and mining.

-NKD controls most of the fertile farming land, hence why they constantly fight with The Hindu State.

-THS is a communist country, larger and poorer than NKD.

-THS is currently at war with NKD, fighting has died down over the years to skirmishes on their borders.

-Numerous smaller city-states exist, most have been conquered by the THS.

-The planet consists of ice caps in the north and south poles, large seas that separate their 6 continents.

-Equator is covered in mountains.

Long description: While it is unknown where the original colonists came from, the planet's cities and people show traditions and culture from the old-earth country known as India.

Originally a mining colony, the planet simply called "New Home" expanded to the deserts of the south and the forests of the north. Shortly after their expansion and creation, the colonists lost all contact to their Command for 6 months and later on decided to become independent, loving the days of freedom. The result was many bloody wars between the colonists, each outpost wanted it's own country. In the end, the militant Sikhs struck a deal with NanoTrasen, in return for minerals the Sikhs were given advanced weapons. Using these weapons, they defeated their rivals, the Hindu State, in the Battle of the God's Fury, named so due to the battle being waged during a large thunderstorm. As the fighting died down, the Sikhs took control of the fertile and mineral rich areas of the southern continents. Meanwhile, in the north, The Hindu State conquered all in their path and formed a communist dictatorship, led by an unknown being called "Bhagavāna kē lōgōṁ kā nētā"(Leader of the people of God). For a long time the peace between the two countries held strong, until a supposedly Hindu State-backed Sikh communist party appeared, and a series of events began that plunged the New Khalistan Democracy into a brutal civil war in 2396. During the in-fighting, the Hindu State invaded the farmlands of The Sikh Democracy, holding the lands for 10 years before being pushed out. Finally, in 2428, the war was over and the Democratic government prevailed, once again with the help of NanoTrasen.

As a result of the war, the Sikhs have a deep hatred for the Hindus, and vise versa. Sikhs also have a love for NanoTrasen, they are known to be extremely loyal to them for their help in the wars while the Hindus detest them. The Sikh lands consist of 3 large cities, Manjinder's Dam, Jupreet's landing, and New Mumbai serving as the capital. The areas around the mining and farming lands consist of small, fortified villages. The Hindu State has twenty main cities, however, most of their names have been replaced by place-holders to "increase efficiency when producing documents" as said by high-ranking Hindu State officals to names such as "City 13", "City 4", "Capital City" as the capital. Much of the income for the Hindu State comes from deals with other organizations that are neutral or detest NanoTrasen, much like them.

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Hindu Communists what even...Firstly Hindus have a Caste system which in essence conflicts with Communism, among the General conservatism of Hinduism...


The way that I imagined The Hindu State was a sort of mish-mash of commist and hindu beliefs with constant debates within their country of whether to stay true to hindu or communist beliefs.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hinuism is incompatible with the caste system of Hinduism, but currently the communist party of India is a bit popular so maybe us westerners should look again at the situation...

Anyway, it looks like a good faction and I like it, myself. Big ideological rifts are a favourite of mine.

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As a note... can we please all try to be a bit more creative and shift away from these ultranationalistic interstellar empire type things? Cultures change drastically given 500 years, and even more so with the influx of advanced technology. Beliefs might be challenged, leaders might be usurped, etc etc. I find it very annoying how everyone wants basically a certain nationality but IN SPACE!

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I'd like to provide a bit of additional input.

While I think a colony such as this would be out of place among, say, the middle colonies, by placing it in the outer colonies, I find it to be much more fitting. This could simply be a world of a few ten million, one of several dozen of its kind in the outer colonies. Religious/ethnic conflicts such as these could simply be just one of the many problems faced by many newer colonies on the fringes of human space, just like corruption or political violence. It would simply be an 'outer colonies problem' rather than one of the primary drivers of conflict within human space.

Do note, however, that there would likely be distinct subcultures, even if they have experienced heavy influence from foreign cultures. Instead, you might get a number of different cultures descending from a single modern one. For example, there might be a number of cultures which are clearly descended from modern day Russia, but comparing two of these cultures would be like comparing, say, two Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. They are both clearly descended from a common culture, but they can show significant differences as well.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I apologize but I must deny this application. There are too many factions that want their own slice of space, when currently existing areas of space work just as well. As well as this, we'd like to shy away from having too many ultra-nationalists.

Feel free to reapply with renditions to your application.

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Application denied for the reasons stated by Jackboot.

Feel free to reapply with renditions to your application.

Locking and archiving.

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