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Technokat. The terrible marine.

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I've witnessed Technokat's performance as a murreeen. He ignores command and likes to charge the hive, sometimes alone and sometimes with awol marines. Most of the time he gets killed, gets most of the soldiers killed off and cripples the offensive.

Get your shit together mureeeeen.




But aside from that. Hi Technokat, you little rebellious tyke you. I'll probably post some screenies.

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The only real way to survive as marine is to turtle. Build the shit out of the FoB, dig in heavily. When they force you off, and are confrimed to be able to use the shuttle, dig in heavily there.

My favorite strategy as a medic is to ditch my loser squad when they wipe and run to the FoB as triage commando :^)

Needless to say, I'm not popular.

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