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NT Stance on Uniforms



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My question is this: Are staff on the Aurora expected to wear their work designated jumpsuits or could say a botanist slip into a black jumpsuit or a doctor into a green?

I don't think clothing usually matters, but some heads might insist "all Security Officers must wear current uniforms - this means you, guy with the red jumpsuit" and from an IC and OOC point of view some staff, say, Doctors, should be recognisable; a labcoat, say, or the white backpack to make it immediately apparent that the cavalry has arrived.

I remember there was one botanist who went around topless, but Security put a stop to that pretty fast.

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I think it'd be dependent on your role. If you're in a role where you need to be visually identifiable, such as a sec officer, captain, etcetera, then they'd be more strict. For civilian roles, no one really cares until you have the captain shouting orders at you to dress proper (which you can).

I'll pelt this at the lore team for a proper answer, though.

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The way I think of it is, the jump suits you have have special modifiers on them, a engineering jumpsuit will protect better from hazards you encounter as a Engineer such as space exposure or a fire, Security jumpsuits will protect better from brute damage and are made of heavy duty fabric to withstand combat, a medical jumpsuit is resistant to staining and biological contaminants, a Science jumpsuit is resistant to anomalous events that may happen during research

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

For staffers like medical, security, and engineering, there has to be a way to tell who you are at a glance. Security officers should have some sort of blue on them, engineers should have something orange on them, and medical should have something white on them. Cargo should wear their tight shorts that show their supple butts dedication to fashion. Scientists should wear a lab-coat, but uniforms themselves are more loosey goosey since RnD is already a sovereign nation, and if they're not being silly their uniform tends to be obscured by bio-suits or Durand mechs anyway.

Civilians can wear whatever crap they want to wear as long as they're doing their job. It the bartender is a dude in a skirt and wizard hat there's no regulation against it.

Command should wear what's provided in their lockers.

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