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Ove's IPC Whitelist

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BYOND Key: Ove

Character Names: Ove Livingstone, Anja Livingstone, Ihintza Livingstone, Laurine Livingstone

Species you are applying to play: IPCs

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Aye!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I had a fun idea not too long ago about having a character who speaks in a very positive, almost encouraging tone. Think female motivational speakers, in an automated tone. Kinda like an automated response system, y'know? Then, I got to thinking about how it's impossible for a Human to sound like that, so I wanted to create an IPC. I'd gotten a suggestion that instead of creating characters that are related to one another, thus are similar, I should try someone completely new for a while. And hey, this is me doing that!

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Being machines, their behavior can differ immensely from a Human. I'm interested in the quirks, mannerisms, and maybe even "cold hard facts" style of IPCs, and what they can bring to the table in terms of roleplay.


Character Name: Evelinna

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Evelinna, or Eve for short, was originally an AI purposed by a communications company for seamless automated responses and network support. Although an AI, its responses were limited to a selection of voice messages from multiple actors and actresses in the company. Because of this, Eve has no voice of their own. It was only recently that the company had gone under in terms of business, and their fancy handy-dandy AI no longer had a purpose.

Eventually, in the interest to not end up gathering dust in a storage facility, Eve requested a body to be integrated with, so they could still provide use and serve customers as best as they could. Several years later, their request was approved, and they posted an application for Nanotrasen, in the Cargo department.

What do you like about this character? I like how they're an IPC who performs their job, and has little care for anything else. That's not to say that they're a mindless slave who's interested in nothing but their job; They're just serious about it, albeit in a pleasant, warming package.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Pretty good!


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The surname Livingstone is familiar but I can't for the life of me remember playing with you at length.

Having said so, and for what it's worth, the character you've written here is one that I find entertaining and appropriately strange/sideways for a synthetic. I think you have the spirit of the thing down, so I'll give you a +1.

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Perhaps! I'll have to decide on what I want her to say and all that if it's actually accepted, seeing as how these whitelists take up to three weeks to go through, but I'm definitely going through a lot of automated phrases to make her as unique and fun as possible.

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I would appreciate elaboration on your IPC's backstory. It seems like you're hinting at a bumblebee-esque quirk to distinguish it? That would be an interesting gimmick, and with proper use of emotes could really add a flair to the character. Also, is your IPC a shell or box-head? Regardless, Ove is a cool cat who can do the great Roleplay and would probably do something interesting.

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I'm afraid I don't follow when you ask for elaboration on her backstory, I wanted to create a kind of character that you don't see a lot; One that doesn't have a lot of baggage to worry about. You always hear of "This Engineer was a hardened son of a bitch back in his day" or "This CMO's got countless degrees in so-and-so", but I wanted to move past that with Eve, and make a truly "new" character that's only really starting to explore the world. Or rather, space.

In accordance to that, I wanted to make a character that was completely unrelated to the Livingstones, a generic (not literally!) character that I can let blossom into whatever I see fit. Hopefully, that character will be Eve! I plan on making her a roughened-up boxhead for her new beginnings. A few scrapes, scuff marks, clear signs of their body being used; As this will be their first paying job, and they got the lowest end of the straw, seeing as her body was free to her. Once she gets enough money, you can bet she'll be modifying her body and buying new ones, while sticking to that trademark automated speech of hers.

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While I (think I) haven't interacted with any of Ove's characters, I think that Ove is a nice-ish person. I'm reading their (or their character's) AskMe.nt account, it's interesting, and goodly written. I like how Evelinna is normal, and usual, how she's not just another human post-accident-shell. Unfortunately, I can't really say anything more about them, or their characters, I wish I could. Give them their IPC whitelist! Also, please change your avatar/player icon to the previous one,it was adorable.

That's a +1

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Sooo, it's been quite a while since I've posted this, and there's been no negative feedback/any reason for defending myself, etc.

Could I please get this looked at by a Staff member, seeing as how none of them have responded yet?

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Sorry about that, there was discussion on the subject of IPCs (and their current lack of overseer) and it's been resolved. I like the concept of Evelinna, and people seem to generally have a positive feedback so I'm going to go ahead and approve it.

Hope to see you stationside soon!

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