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A camera-feed sparks to life of an apartment that's in slightly ragged shape-- Clothes, ranging from undergarments to pants, shirts, socks, and all manner of apparel scattered among the place. There is a brown couch in the center of the camera's view, and a dark-skinned hand plucks a bra from the top-corner of it, and chucks it out of view. "Your apartment is disgusting." Came the stoic voice of an unseen woman. "I didn't even know you were coming over until five minutes ago!" There's a momentary silence. "...I informed you that I would be visiting last week." Another silence. "...W-...well, c'mon, we can't keep them waiting!" Came a cheery, bubbly feminine voice. "Who? Who's waiting?"

Two women, dark-skinned with white hair, both sit down. Some may even recognize them; Ihintza and Ove Livingstone. Ove is wearing a white belly-shirt and a pair of white shorts that end at her knees. Ihintza is garbed in a black tank-top and white cargo pants, her hair spiked up into a rough fauxhawk. Without their work-clothes on, the two almost appear like entirely different people.

Ove smiles towards the camera while Ihintza looks around, a bit confused. She waves, and cheerily pipes up, "Hi! My name's Ove, and this is my sister, Ihintza!" She whispers lowly, "Say hi!" Frowning, Ihintza turns towards the camera and adopts a stern expression. "...I very much dislike this." Rolling her eyes at her attempt, Ove once more smiles cheerily. "Ask us anything you'd like! Questions can be for the both of us, or just one person! Try not to ask anything too embarrassing though, my sis just might pop a blood vessel!" She snickers, which earns a glare of death from Ihintza.

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Ihintza frowns as she glances around the department, not really caring for the words spoken by an unseen voice emanating from their TV. Ove however, bunches her mouth to the side and sighs faintly. "Hm...Laurine's our cousin, but we don't talk to her a whole lot. She's probably at sis' company workin' in her lab or something like that. She's usually real busy!"

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Ove bunches her mouth to the side and shrugs, opening her mouth to speak. "Well, I thi--" Only to be cut off by a stiff-brow'd Ihintza almost nonchalantly. "I trust that question was directed at me, Ove." Ove then looks down and sighs faintly, not saying another word.

Ihintza folds her hands together on her lap, one leg crossed over the other, as she looks into the camera. Her expression is that of a stern, neutral messenger. "I can't say for sure what Nanotrasen's motives are other than money. My employment contract prevents me from openly disclosing any operations they have going on, but ultimately, I do not view them, or anything, as 'Evil'. They're a business created for one purpose: To make money. In that industry, unfortunately, difficulties arise when that goal is put on the line, and that's where these sorts of questions come into play. I do not agree with everything Nanotrasen does; Their employees are almost robotic as I have personally never seen any spark of humanity left in their eyes the numerous times I've been forced to interact with them, they speak as if everything was a waste of time, and they ultimately don't care about your lives, unless you're planning to settle a lawsuit against them. Past that?...

You could say it's a typical mega-corporation."

Staring wide-eyed over at Ihintza, Ove gasps softly. "Woooow...that's the most I've ever heard you speak in less than a minute, Sis! And it almost looked like you were happy when you were ranting on about Nano--" She's then cut off by a stern glare, to which Ove immediately whips her head away, towards the screen, and flashes a nervous smile, "Eheh...hope that...answers your question!"

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Hey, You guys might know me, I have certinly seen you both before! My Question is this, Why pick NSS Aurora of all Places to work? Arn't there way better places to work then this? a old boring Research station ? Oh and two questions in one. Directed at Ove, Why do you serve Beer to me, but the not the rest of the security team?

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