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make gutter not incredibly racist


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gutter is ooga booga speak. everyone i have talked to about it agrees that it is racist ooga booga speak. change it to this.


name = "Gutter"
desc = "A crude pidgin of several Slavic languages and Cantonese that serves as Tradeband for criminal elements."
speech_verb = "growls"
colour = "rough"
key = "3"
syllables = list ("slo","nik","ko","zels","het","zlo","nis","iv","da","ati","yib","ban","dup","sha","ansh","nou","nec","zby", "ci")


Does it make sense? Probably not. Far better than ooga booga looga, though, I think.

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Guest Menown

Before the translation thing, I always assumed Gutter was just gutteral growling. Hence why it was a pun of gutter, being from the gut, while also being spoken by those that would be considered, 'in the gutter'.

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