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Rook Jameson's ceremonial whip

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BYOND Key: Hivefleetchicken

Character name: Rook Jameson

Item name: Ceremonial Whip

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Rook Jameson was a drill instructor in the Sol Alliance Military before helping out with the Emergency Response Corps and Aurora security. Now that he's the head of security and responsible with keeping his officers in control of the few potentially violent situations that occur on a NanoTrasen Space Station everyday, he'd like to hold onto a relic of discipline to prove his point whenever he needs. He's obviously not gonna' flog his own officers since that's impractical as all hell for disciplining mall cops, but like the chain of command, it just has a way of rousing unwavering loyalty when it was on someone's belt, and he wants to tap into that so that his officers don't freak out in every situation. Especially when so many of these sec employees these days are from the Sol Alliance Military, since that could remind them of their strict training and help them keep a cool head during arrests or other situations.

Item function(s): It would practically just be the chain of command but with a resprite and without the ability to actually hit people with it. As long as I can wear it on my belt inventory slot and it has the sprite of a black whip, I am completely fine with it.

Item description: A traditional cat o'nine tails whip made of jet black leather and embroidered with a few golden touches, made on Earth. It looks ceremoniously robust.

Item appearance: Just your above average black cat o'nine tails whip, with some fancy gold (fancy decor literally not at all needed but appreciated).


Additional comments: I don't see this as a weapon as the rules dictate, as it's more a ceremonial reminder from his time in the Sol Alliance military as a drill instructor, and I feel like he'd want to hold onto that ego of superiority and robustness when he's watching over the security staff.

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