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Heads of Staff and Records


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Following a recent event; I am going to make it clear that putting notes and prescriptions into records from command staff is allowable. Anything higher than that, such as forms, or other forms of permission, such as "X is cleared for genetics access" must be run past myself, or Tishina Stalker.

This is to prevent shenanigans such as the following:

"Inis Truesight is certified in medical, genetics and EVA. Give her access to all each shift. Varan Truesight

It's the same as the thing that happened with a few select players, where their captain character would join as assistant, then go "I'm actually a captain, you have to listen to me."

As such, Head of Staff stuff does not really relate between rounds, unless authorised.

This applies to other player's heads of staff adding significant entries to other people's records at their request.

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so in a previous round a few days ago there were no engineering slots open so i logged in as an atmos tech to fix up the atmos layout and make it actually robust and got called into IA and forced to change jobs because I didn't have atmos training listed on my records. It was all played out and i was fine with it oocly (i wanted to be a normal engineer anyway) but like, what is the ruling for something like this? Should i just add in all training for things I might have to do when I play?

Most of my atmos work was on station under techs and some CEs, but I never got any formal documentation for it

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I guess for something like that, if you are using the format that Sierra made for the server, you could put something like knowledge in atmospherics. If most of your accomplishes were done on the Aurora I guess it would be something in your records.

A simple, "Employed as Station Engineer, Chief Engineer and Atmospheric Technician" added to your records, should be enough where you wouldn't get demoted again like that.

Again, I am assuming you are using this link for your records.

I am under the impression that this topic is for more crazy things like this,

"Inis Truesight is certified in medical, genetics and EVA. Give her access to all each shift. Varan Truesight
Or something like copying paperwork that is given to you ingame over to your records. That doesn't make any sense lorewise as a Duty Officer is the person who creates your records. Basically why you need to go through them if you want an official paperwork added to your records.
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It should also be noted that command staff have no responsibility at all to actually give you the access you claim to be trained for in your records. If you joined as an assistant, but are playing a fully qualified medic, for example, then no one is actually required to give you the MD job. Similar principle for smaller access and permission grants. The standard is the job you have mechanics wise, and the access you're granted by that.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It's good that IAA are keeping an eye out on these things, and it will be interesting to see where the middle ground is. I don't ever join as an assistant, and when I do join my characters don't presume to have more authority than they have unless they get a promotion.

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