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Commanders' Call


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Recently, I have assumed the role of Security Commander on multiple rounds aboard the Aurora. Reviewing the inner policies and procedures of the ISC contingent aboard the Aurora and comparing them to what I have learned from my real-world experience with Basic Law Enforcement Training, I have found many issues that I believe should be addressed and revised. I have no doubt that other Commanders may have issues with Security regulations, and they may have their own suggestions and ideas. This is why I propose the idea of Commanders' Call: a sub-section of the forums for Security Commanders and veteran Security Personnel to suggest new or revised policies, highlight issues within the force, and provide general feedback for the performance of the Security Contingent.

I would expand, however I would like to receive general feedback for the idea. Based on the questions that I receive, I shall address the issues and offer clarification.

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And it obviously can't be done using the Heads of Staff forum or a normal suggestions forum.

I believe, discussing security regulations suggestions and ideas shouldn't be restricted to Security Commanders Heads of Security and veteran Security Personnel, but the whole player base. A few players probably shouldn't be in charge of changing everyone's gameplay (regulations, brig times, etc.). And all of this being done in a secret forum.

And, not even mentioning that someone would need to decide who's veteran and who's not, implying a circlejerk or whatever.

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And it obviously can't be done using the Heads of Staff forum.



Go create a thread over there, our super cool clubhouse hasn't been posted in since potentially last year anyway.

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