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Hunk of the Month 2457


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OOC: Bakagaijin: one day i want to use the camera and go around asking people to pose for the Nanotrasen Hunk of the Month calender

It happened. Sort of. But goddamn my sides.



Sukri Tal'at Sajjad

Sukri Tal'at Sajjad rolls down his jumpsuit, and flexes his glorious biceps.



Phillip Asimov



Kay Lee

So shy, the photo blurred him out.



Zane Vader, Shaun Mckendrick, Alan Zimmer

You can see Zane Vader on the photo. They are holding a flashlight. You can see Shaun Mckendrick on the photo. They are holding a stun baton and a taser gun. You can see Alan Zimmer on the photo. They are holding a flash and some handcuffs.



Conservan Xullie

I guess he decided to lay on his tools to be attractive to the ladies.




Constantine Augustus

Constantine Augustus does a sexy James Bond pose with the gun.

And for 1000 credits...

Constantine Augustus does a sexy witch pose.


Honourary mention


Melody Davis

Melody Davis leans forward, showing a SHITLOAD OF CLEAVAGE, LIKE HOLY GOD.

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Vincent Capriello

Vincent Capriello rolls down his already TIGHT jumpsuit, unclipping his webbing and letting it fall to the floor. He rolls down the sleeves of his suit, and lets it fall down to his legs. He begins to flex his MASCULINE MUSCULATURE, his cap still on and hair falling to the side of his face. He makes a seductive face, and even his FACE MUSCLES seem to EXUBERATE PURE SEXY.



Peter Thrushwood

Peter Thrushwood slowly and seductively takes off his eyepatch, then spins it around over his head and throws it in to the crowd.

Peter Thrushwood strikes a rather JoJo-esque pose.



Vittorio Giurifiglio

Vittorio Giurifiglio stands in the corner like a lean mean sex machine.

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