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Improved Mech Designs?


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Hey, another little suggestion here. After seeing a lore thread asking about mech pilots, I began to think about our current mechs- and, to be frank, they're not really visually appealing. So many things have gotten visual overhauls on our server- why not mechs, too?

My main gripe about the mech design is that they look too square. I'd prefer something like this:




Something slimmer, more like it's pilots body. I also believe that the fronts of all non-combat mechs should have a simple cockpit window covering the pilot's body to allow more visibility (and also vulnerability, considering that the mechs aren't geared towards combat), while combat mechs, though also still adhering to the slimmer design, would maintain the armor covering w/ viewport design.

I feel like this design change would make mechs seem more futuristic and cool, and perhaps with sone sprite dickery you could even see the pilot through the cockpit window.

I'll say it again- it's just an idea. I don't expect this to get integrated in a timely fashion, if at all- but I still think mechs are due for some touching up.

Share your thoughts and suggestions, as always.

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A cheap mech for Cargo, like the one in the picture above, would be quite interesting to use to haul crates.

And crush people.


That's what the Ripley is for. Being named for Ellen Ripley, it's only a minermech because it has a drill, it's still very valid to use for cargo, loading up to 15 crates in your hold at once and taking them somewhere else, buying lots of crap at once and using a Ripley to move it around is a godsend, my biggest gripe is it's too damn slow, a smaller exosuit that moved faster but with no drill and smaller hold would be acceptable to me though, we could even call it a NEWT.

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Hrmm... When ever the code will ever be finished, we will have Exoskeletons back and with new sprites, which i would like to see.

As for mech designs, if Robotics had a tool to repaint the ripleys with tons of variety, i can work on the sprites for...lets say..Each mech (Createable) will have five different collour designs.

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