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Player Complaint: the flying banana gaming

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BYOND Key: Ordessa

Player Byond Key: The flying banana gaming

Staff involved: None.

Reason for complaint: This isn't so much as a complaint as a appeal to the player him/herself, but I'm complaining about what is (from what I can see) an experienced player consistently taking important and difficult roles and playing them less than well. This seemed the most appropiate forum to place this in. (feel free to move it if its not)

Approximate Date/Time: Bout 8:00 Gmt, 12/02/2016

Just a quick point before we start, I am not trying to insult you or your playstyle, I don't mean this in a harsh way, I just want you to know, so you can enjoy this server more. First off, please, take a little more time with your sentences. Sometimes it gets that people have literally no idea what you are saying. (I know it's you because literally every character you make is called Michall Prevatt/Privatt. Second of all, and more importantly don't take up highly important roles if you haven't had practice with basic game mechanics. Im particularly referring to this round I put on the timestamp, where as the only surviving ERT, you talked almost solely on the Supply Channel. Upon the AI asking you for orders, you replied https://gyazo.com/f67f739284013de06e9ea0afde88d454 and then returned to your station. This isn't the only time you've made some questionable decisions (such as insulting the rest of us on Newcops, that we were being mean to you and pushed you off the shuttle, even though we specifically told you don't go out without a jetpack, and I'm pretty sure you just got moved around by people swapping positions). So just please, I advise you to have a bit of practice before you play Antag/Ert.

Once again, this is not meant as a personal attack, I just want you to take this advice into account.

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Reason for complaint: This isn't so much as a complaint as a appeal to the player him/herself


So is this or is this not a complaint? If you're complaining about a player, then you do so expecting staff to take some form of action on them. If that's not what you want, then I heavily recommend you taking that to private means with the player himself or making a thread here to talk about the player. http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=69

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Welp, I thought that subforum was only for IC content. Anyway, I've talked to the guy/gal in question through looc now, and given him some advice, and he's agreed to try and take it a bit more seriously. For all intents and considerations, please view this thread as void/null. Feel free to lock it or delete it. (Can I do that?)

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