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Keycard Authentication Device

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Due to a recent round where my CE spent 90% of round trying to restore communications from a badly beaten satellite (as well as trying to fix the SM engine and stop it exploding), it got me thinking about how the Keycard Authentication Device actually communicates with Central command.

Code wise they pretty much just trigger ERT and send in a response team without and relay through the satellite however, I would assume lore wise they would have to relay their message through the satellite unless there is some other method in which they communicate a message to Central Command.

I was wondering if it could be (or already has been?) clarified on how exactly they communicate with Central as this would clear up a headache I had with a persistent Central Command trying to get a report from the station during the Comms blackout.

Also, this begs the question on whether the station would actually receive the communications from Central command as the satellite was pretty much out of order.

Edit: Another thing to note in game mechanics is the emergency message button not working when the satellite is down, I would assume that the fax machines would work on the same idea.

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Being no expert on the matter, and really, not even in a position to truly comment, my understanding is this.

The fax machines operate on a separate telecommunications HUB, one separate from the satellite, and powered by bluespace crystals. Whenever you send a fax, it tells you the crystals are re-aligning, please wait. I assume the send from the station is so powerful and precise, it actually causes the array to shift, hence having to re-align every time.

Kinda like a communications laser cannon. B-DOOMPF.

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It's a communications maser so powerful it can punch a hole through the hull of a ship to reach it's intended recipient.

In all seriousness, the authentication device is likely a powerful wide-beam SOS that is designed to not need the satellite.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Prior to the development of bluespace transmissions, transmissions across a star system would take several minutes or even hours. Communication between star systems relied on physically warping in a drone or spaceship that would broadcast the stored messages or deliver physical mail, all of which would still take days and hours of travel and several minutes/hours of transmitting.

The fax machine we have uses bluespace crystals to send bluespace transmissions connected directly to the receiver at CC that allows instant communication; that is the reason why we have fax machines on a state of the art research station in 2458 despite fax machines being obsolete in 2005. The bluespace fax machine is connected to the fax machine at CC directly and does not need a connection to the satellite since it is a separate "phone line" than the satellite, but even with simple documents this is still pretty resource-intensive. That is why there is a delay in resending most things - it is a cost to instant communication across vast distances.

The keycard and CC announcements all share this single bluespace communication line.

And it works without power because it runs on batteries or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Back-up systems. As simple as that: back-up systems. It is completely reasonable to assume that the Aurora/Exodus is installed with its own back-up communications array for when the main satellite should fuck over dead.


I just assume fax machines are because crew hates me, and doesn't want their big brother Aurelia to see what shit they're trying to pull.

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