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Player Complaint: SierraKomodo

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BYOND Key: Kaedwuff

Player Byond Key: SierraKomodo

Staff involved: Alberyk

Reason for complaint:

This was an unusual round in general, because I began as a wizard, bodyswapped with the Head of Security, then was stranded there when I lost all my spells. Deciding to just roll with it (the person previously inhabiting the HoS immediately logged out, so I was uncontested for the identity), I subverted the AI, and though the AI went afk at some point after this, I still had several borgs.

(https://gyazo.com/95d6d8b64d255ca99de570a73ac3c2eb The law in question)

I picked one at random, and me and the engie borg (Katana Bravo) began collusion. A tajaran bureaucrat played by Jackboot came on a bit later, and I ordered the borg to assassinate him with as much discretion as possible. They failed, which was pretty much as was to be expected of an unhacked engie borg with kill orders that specifically preclude walking up and bashing ones head in, but it caused some interesting conflict as no one was sure if the borg was subverted or the visitor had shocked themselves tampering with a door. After that, I had them redesignated to a security module, and invited the bureaucrat into my private shaded HoS office, where we talked for a while about his job, before I had the borg baton him, take his headset, and cuff him. The intention had been to kidnap him, since the transfer shuttle had arrived at this point, and take him away on a pod. However, the borg began complaining that it was low on power and wanted to recharge. Since I did not need it further at that point, I told it to go recharge.

So it did, dragging the handcuffed prisoner behind it through the entirety of security, screaming for help. The logic behind this decision eluded me at the time, and I assumed that they simply thought it would be funny to do so, despite orders to be discreet, not implicate me in the crime, and having a law that requires them to be loyal to me. This right here was likely misinterpreting the orders and laws simply for a giggle.

But post-round, a different story came out.




The supposed 'orders to kill' that I gave them. https://gyazo.com/a72def52f23c5366b3d882fce361a653

So what I gather from this is that they somehow misinterpreted what I was going to do to Jackboot's character, and as a result, deliberately sabotaged the plan by disregarding previous orders I specifically gave them to be subtle and not implicate either of us (something that I would have assumed by any interpretation dragging a screaming cuffed prisoner past security would do), simply because they 'don't like removing players from the round'. It should not be the job of any silicon to ignore orders they don't like or 'accidentally misinterpret them' to be the hero, even I had been planning to murder him in my office. It makes the entire purpose of subverting AI or silicons entirely pointless. There was even a specific clause in the law change, You will assist him with the highest priority, even if it comes in conflict with other laws. which should imply that the silicon in question put assisting him above other concerns, i.e. be loyal to the person indicated in the law, but that could be nitpicking.

Then, there was the part where they began trying to kill the bureaucrat in front of the security team, on their own initiative, by openly declaring that it was going to 'follow its previous orders' (presumably referring to earlier in the round when they were tasked with discreetly assassinating the bureaucrat) unless told not to, again ignoring the part about 'remaining discreet' and 'not implicating either of us,' for reasons I assume were to further display that they were subverted?


Approximate Date/Time: 2/22/2016, Around 12am-2am CST

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I believe that I was originally bucklecuffed into the chair, or table'd. The door was closed and Sierra silently pulled me out of the office, through the abandoned security area for quite a ways before we saw our first potential witnesses in the security lobby. She continued through the brig, down the hall, past medical's main entrance, and all the way to the staffed robotics lab. This is despite having the ability to use the short-cut through maintenance, which literally every other character used to get to/from security to that location. My character, a visitor whom was an Adhomai bureaucrat who boarded to try to gather employment records from Tajara for lore reasons, obviously started screaming for help and freaking out the moment they left the sp00ky office.

She had plenty of time to stop pulling me before anyone saw.

Later when the Head of Security bizarrely managed to get my character all the way back to security without incident, the borg played by Sierra opened the door to his office, making him and my character inside visible to the gang of security outside, to which my character started screaming and the situation looked mighty suspicious. Then in the middle of the screaming and arguing Sierra's borg randomly started harmbatonning my character and got shot the fuck up and dumped down disposals. By this time the whole plan by Kaedwuff had to be aborted(?) and my character was escorted to the transfer shuttle by Ana Ro'hi'tin without further incident.

Sierra's story seemed inconsistent and I feel that she attempted to try and keep me in the round, fearing that I would be murdered the moment her borg left to recharge.

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Right so, let's go with every action I took since the subversion. First and foremost, I was originally going to spend the entire round in the engine room monitoring the engine and making sure all the SMES units got fully charged. When the subversion law came in, I sent an engineering message saying I was setting everything back to 'standard operation', then started tracking down the HoS. I found him in the HOP desk, he asked me if I received laws. As the first sentence of the law said I'm not to state the law or hint at its existance in any way, I told him no, there was no law, then asked for instructions (I follow the guideline that while a law can override other laws, it cannot override itself). I could have very easily just sat and waited, acting normally

I did my best to follow every instruction to the letter while making things interesting and providing some interaction. The only instructions I were given were:

Find out who this tajaran (Jackboot) is and why they're here

I did this by tracking him down, then immediately asking who he is, thenwhy he's there. Katana making snide comments about him being njarir was completely irrelevant about the law; That's just Katana after being influenced by Karima working on her systems for so long.

I was then ordered, via PDA, to discreetly execute the tajara, but not get myself caught because being riddled with bullets would be counter productive (Not the exact wording but I didn't save logs)

This I told him was going to be difficult if not impossible, but I set out to it anyway, OOCly knowing it'd be impossible to discreetly kill anyone, and my not wanting to just up and kill another player anyway (I never do this as an antag and even when subverted I tend to try to avoid outright killing someone if possible within the lawset.). So, I came into JB's office, started poking him by pretending to be representing 'the creator Karima'. I identified an important document and stole it, luring JB toward an airlock which I electrified. I managed to trick him into zapping himself twice before witnesses started gathering and I had to let him go to avoid putting too much suspicion on myself. (Besides, he was running to the hos, which wasn't a huge concern for me ICly).

From there, I just sat in the security lobby, listening to the HOS and JB talk about Katana, then the HOS being drafted, etc etc, with Katana making the occasional snide remark and taking a moment to stop an IPC from dislocating another crewmember's leg in the brig.

I don't fully recall what happened between here and the next part as I had to afk a couple times to answer work related emails.

Next instruction: Meet with the HOS and JB in the HOS' office. When the HOS says the word 'darkness', stun then kill JB without drawing attention. (This is how I understood it; I must have misread, or assumed based on the previous order I was given to kill JB)

So, I joined them in the HOS desk, emoted quietly sitting behind JB's character while the two talked. When the code word was spoken, I pulled out the baton and stunned JB, removed his radio, cuffed him, threw in a 'Glorrrry to the New Rrepublic' for good measure, then held off on actually killing him when I noticed I was about dead and out of charge. I told the HOS that I'm almost out of charge, he orders me to go charge. Forgetting I'd had JB on 'pull' so he couldn't run off, I opened the door and started out of the office. I noticed after the first few tiles of movement I was dragging him, then decided to just roll with it and run it as literally following the order I was given while having not been told to leave the tajaran. I honestly found it quite funny, that whole situation, and everyone in OOC after the round seemed to agree that it made for a good laugh.

The next part, when I had finished charging and had returned to the HOS office, I had a bit of a predicament. Yinzr and Ana were both there and I was being told to open the HOS' door. I knew they were suspicious, and they had been suspicious of me since I first electrocuted JB's tajaran. I had a choice of refusing to open the door and raising more suspicioun and giving away the fact I had a 5th law (Which, by the way, would have violated the fifth law), or opening the airlock and entering like Katana would have normally done without the fifth law. I made sure to place myself between the officers and the HOS in the process. The sudden attacking with the baton wasn't as sudden as he thinks, it's more he wasn't payng attention. I'd realised I never actually completed the 'kill' part of the order I was given when he spoke the code word, so I attempted to discreetly tell him awaiting instructions, or I would have to fall back to the previous order within 15 to 30 seconds. I gave him some time, he talked with security but didn't say anything to me, so I felt I had to proceed with a method of trying to kill JB's tajaran.

I was subsequently terminated on the spot by all three security people. As a note, I did stop when d'Jar said stop (Or at least I would have if I hadn't already been killed)

As for why I ran through the main hallways instead of maintenance.. I almost /never/ use the maintenance tunnels unless I explicitly have to get somewhere in maintenance, or maintenance means I have to hack less doors to get somewhere (This being inapplicable to a station bound borg). Going to robotics honestly seemed faster to use the main hallway than go around through maintenance.

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You've by your own admission waffled between following your laws and orders to the letter


Forgetting I'd had JB on 'pull' so he couldn't run off, I opened the door and started out of the office. I noticed after the first few tiles of movement I was dragging him, then decided to just roll with it and run it as literally following the order I was given while having not been told to leave the tajaran.


and based on your perceived intent of them


Next instruction: Meet with the HOS and JB in the HOS' office. When the HOS says the word 'darkness', stun then kill JB without drawing attention. (This is how I understood it; I must have misread, or assumed based on the previous order I was given to kill JB)


alternatively based on your personal feelings about how the round should go. You can't just swap between the two concepts as desired to let you do whatever you want, it's inconsistent and, subjectively speaking, poor form. You also admit that you went into a designated task (discreetly assassinate the bureaucrat) with the intention to fail because you didn't like doing what you were told to, which is a third entirely separate way to behave when roleplaying a character and is actually disobeying the order given entirely.

The only way that any of that makes sense is if the borg deliberately went into everything with the self-aware intent to deliberately screw over the person he was by laws slaved to at every opportunity.

Further, your defense of why I did not tell you to not attack Jackboot's character is both an example of rigidly following orders AND making assumptions on what I wanted - how did you expect me to tell you to not follow orders when security was within earshot? If we assume you were carrying out the earlier discreet assassination orders there, you were not being discreet as ordered, and if you were killing him because of your perception that I ordered you to do so after the code word, that was no where in the actual order, and you were also not doing as you were told. I should have to worry that a silicon's player didn't properly read orders I give them. The main function of your existence in roleplay is to follow laws and orders, you need to be sure you are actually carefully reading them. Telling me you were following orders exactly but also misinterpreted their intent does not make sense.

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